Sometimes, I have to think, if I ever checked the lottery scrap paper I’ve bought, I might have been that millionaire lots of people dream about.

The fact is that I always forget to check the result of my lottery, the reason is probably I don’t not think I will be the lucky one, or I don’t need the dream which is drawn by others.

There are lots kinds of lottery games issued by government, Private sector are not allowed to run this business, just like tons of gravy and monopoly industry. The common one should be the charity one and sports one, which are supposed to be a solid subsidy to the infrastructure investment in these fields.

Ordinary people in China do not have much channel to move up to cross their born class, Going to college is one of the possible channel for poor people to change their fate, which actually have been confined a lot during these years. The other one is to be rich over night, either by illegal behavior or the lottery, technically speaking of the illegal behavior, there are still a lot of grey area in the law practicing, so sometimes, people would consider it as an ethical problem.

Lottery business prospered in China since the first day it born, I can remember clearly in 1980s or earlier 1990s, there are even lottery galas on TV, people dreams about being the lucky one. And the award at that time was 10,000 RMB.

No judging, but I do think the Asian ethnic including Chinese, Korean people, etc, would like to gambling than other ethnic in the world. So people may forget the basic principle of the lottery business which is more of a charity or to say, a kind of donation. If you are counting the ROI, then you go to the wrong place, but ironically, there were news about criminal to buy the lottery using million of stollen money.

I am always  afraid of getting used to something but can not figure out why I am doing this. This is not the “Just do it ” thing from Nike, it is about not to be a fool or puppet by some malicious people, sometimes I have to guess the lottery business have been become a money laundry tool for some people in China, is it paranoid🙂

I like charity, but it is hard to be part of the charity business in China, as we do not have trust to most of the charity organizations in China, even the red-across, you could see lots of corruption news around these organization, and also the handling way of these organizations is also disappointing the public.

I like P2P, except for the internet technology of that, so do the charity business, such as in KFC, if you paid one more extra 1 RMB every time you place an oder, KFC would donate it directly to some poor kids in China. I also know there must be a charity organization behind KFC to cooperate with this, but at least they have a commitment to public where the money goes to, and the parent company of KFC is registered in US which was restricted by the FCPA( Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Featured image was shooting in MacDonald Beijing.

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