Logistics and Delivery Service

I am gonna talk about the delivery and ship logistics service in China, in case you want to ship something domestically or worldwide.

I just put the summary here, if you have no time to read the whole article

1.Deliver something valuable and important in China, choose SF-express, cost will be approximately $4, mostly next day successful delivery
2.Deliver something less valuable, such as apparel, in China, Choose ZTO. cost will be approximately $2, mostly 2-4 days successful delivery
3.Deliver something from China to world wide, Choose DHL,UPS, FedEx. cost with tax will higher than SF-express.
4.Deliver something from world wide to China. Choose EMS, Slow, but cost saving, especially for tax payment convenient.

Main players in the market
sf-express, EMS, ZTO,YTO,STO,yundaex,
JD-Logistics, 800bestex

In general, the logistic marketing is a mature market in China, yet, it is still boosting during years with the rapid growing of the e-business (B2C) industry, now JD.com and Taobao.com have already became the B2C giant even around the world.


SF owns all the branch office , no franchise
SF owns their air fleet to fulfill the time critical requirement order.
SF worldwide and domestic shipping service

SF basically can guarantee the next-day delivery in most of the domestic city.
SF 1-2hours call to response to get the goods

Market segment
SF dominated player in high-end marketing segment, no obvious challenger emerge by now, but got potential one, such as JD.com who open their logistic business to public recently. also SF is developing the temperature control delivery market.

SF basically average 2 times price higher than all others

Pretty good, but in case for valuable, buy some extra service

Custom Clearance
You should declare all the goods and afford the cost. Actually if you send something outside China, use DHL,UPS instead.
If your friend send you something to China, just use EMS which will saving you some custom cost and effort to custom clearance.

These company are seeking alliance to have more saying about the price, and obviously ZTO is the head of others, developing and expand their business aggressively.
franchise business mode, loose management for all the branch, but operation cost is pretty low.
Mostly domestic business, ground delivery, not much more extra value added service
The key partner for the Taobao.com B2C ecosystem.

Almost 3-4 day domestic delivery, depend on the city branch networking, 1 tie city, such as beijing, shanghai is 2-3 day.
Call to response may take half day even whole day, so send your package by yourself to their branch office is a better choice for balance of cost and time consuming.

No much pricing disparity between all these company. sometime ZTO would be slightly cheaper because of the scale effect.
Most daily shipment from online store for the ordinary goods will choose one of these company for the cost saving, so if you will send something under $80 domestically in China, ZTO would be a usual choice.

Moderated, you got few chance to loss you goods, and got nothing to pay off or compensation.

Custom Clearance
I would never try it out


Owned by government, originally the post service in China. so EMS got special channel to deal with all kind of official regulation, such as custom clearance.
worldwide and domestic shipping service

Domestic,slow, about week except Apple store priority order , world wide order, pretty slow, weeks, maybe month. I am not kidding.
Seems no call to response service, you have to go to their branch to send your package.

Moderated, higher than ZTO

I think it is good, but probably no privacy protection, like, if your friend are sending you a magazine such as playboy or treat! by EMS, official probably find it and confiscate it(Dude, you got a computer and tunnel service in 2017…) same goes to political sensitive publication.

Custom Clearance
That’s the only reason why most people sometimes choose EMS.
For the delivery from Worldwide to China, EMS can help you with the custom clearance in most cases, sometimes you even don’t have to pay tax, and you don’t need to go to custom for the cases you are requested to pay tax, just pay to the EMS. it’s very convenient.

The business mode is more likely amazon in China
JD is one of the largest in China versus Taobao.com, but not like Taobao, JD established his own logistic networking, and speedy delivery is the core competition for their B2C service. in first tie city,such as beijing, shanghai, your order on the morning can be delivered to your home in the afternoon. that’s amazing.
JD open their logistic service to public recently, to become a important player or competitor in the high end market segment, but as a regular customer, I never use JD logistic for personal delivery,

All goods for JD directly selling, you got a very short delivery time, usually hours delivery.


For the B2C experience, I think it should be pretty good.

Custom Clearance

New comer (By acquiring HuiTong express), have some connection with Taobao.com ecosystem, and focus on the low price. and personal service is not see around, but boosting faster in Taobao B2C business. also I was heard that, the there is no human worker but robot in the warehouse to dispatch all the cargo automatically by programming. I am almost convincing of that because helicopter delivery is already achieved in US.

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