Laundry Service

Probably it is the next big thing for VC to coming into, like the OFO bicycle or Mbike during these two year, because I think the laundry service market is far more less mature in Beijing(China). It is hard for you to find a professional, well service laundry store around your community,  all the laundry is small scale and less professional. So if you want a good laundry service, what are you gonna do?

Some suggestions:

  • Short term visitor, who stay at hotel, just call for the laundry service, as most of the upscale hotel offer a reliable laundry service, vendor inside hotel or outsourcing would be certified for the service, but the price is the trade off, so if your apparel or suit is not the luxury one, you can find another vendor for cost saving(below).
  • Long term inhabitant, Just find the nearest shopping mall around you, inside the mall, in most cases, only the formal laundry brand can afford the renting cost, that means  you got less chance for them out of business all of a sudden, and kind of guarantee for their service, usually if you have apparel of luxury brand to wash, such as Chanel, Dior.  This is the only way to go.  Do not try do laundry in your living community unless you know them better. Also you could check how long this laundry has been opened, if more than 2 years, then it is also trustable in some way.
  • All the laundry around your community is just for the normal suit, shirt, trousers, they got bunch of disclaimer there in their counter in case of any potential argument, from my observation, 80% is unqualified, with outdate equipment and techniquesome(even most) will use water washing instead of dry washing in some case without negotiate with customer.

The price label in a private laundry store.

Figure: Average cost for a shirt is 25RMB ($4)

It is merely impossible for you to claim the compensation from the laundry store except from the hotel service (also depends.)under current law framework, it is time consuming and less beneficial , so choosing the right laundry store is important, direct selling store is better than the franchise store, Laundry inside the hotel(above 4 starts ) is the best, the one in business district circle or commercial area is usually better than around the community, famous chain store is better than the private one.

Be careful to buy the deposit card in laundry store for the sake of discount!

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