Lantern Festival

Technically, when Lantern festival ends, then lunar new year ends, as I mentioned last time for the rice glue ball(, there is also lots of customs in this festival, especially in ancient China.

Some are interesting, for example, lantern festival is one of the two important holiday for girls in the old time, only in this holiday, girls are allowed to go out for fun, such as walk around on the street, make some shopping, have the riddle fun. the other day girls are allowed to go out is the tomb sweeping day for memorizing the passed family members. This is actually against humanity from the view of today, but it did lasted for thousands years in China.

To fulfill the possibility of curiosity,I would say, in most ancient China dynasties, brothel business is legal, offering not only the sex service, but also some escorted service with art skill, something like Geisha in Japan. Usually the ‘ordinary’ girl is illiterate, but the practitioner in brothel industry got the chance to know how to write, read, draw, which is very interesting. So lots of famous poets from ancient time is huge fan of brothel house.

Also because this is the only day for girls to go out for fun, this festival is also called as Chinese Valentine‘s day. Also to fly a KongMing lantern is another custom to pray for blessing. KongMing lantern is said to be invented by the famous politician and military legend from three kingdom period, and the lantern is used as kind of SOS device in war to send message to others.

Another custom which lasted till today, is going to a temple, whatever the Buddhism or Lama temple, there would be crowded in that place of Beijing, and people would auction for the first praying. In general, Chinese people are atheists, but this custom is kept for years.

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