To know about 11.11 shopping day

Today is Nov. 11, the veteran day in US, also in China is a well known shopping day originally from ,Double 11, aka, single bachelor day promotion, online shopping day. during the promotion, almost all the online product will at a incredible discount, and billions of coupons send to the costumer for free. Since 2009, this festival have become kind of the most important sale strategy for the seller across the whole year, in 2017, most of the sellers even prepare their selling plan for this day before half an year. According to the public report, in 2016, Nov. 11, only the single day, the GMV(gross merchandise value) of reached 15.3 Billion $, it’s crazy right?

Also you can find more detail information about this shopping day festival from the press, I don’t want to talk too much about itself, but the different promotion strategy between taboo in China and company in US, such as amazon or apple. they are all comparable large companies.

Basically, all customer can get some discount in these days, whether you lived in China or US, but most people in China will get lost in all kind of complicated discount policy which come from the seller and platform both at the same time, also coupled with double discount and instance rebate(when reaching a certain amount of total expense, you got a instance rebate), please be careful of the double discount and the rebate policy, most people will be ‘seduced’ by seller here to buy extra product which he do not really need, to meet the criteria of rebate, and according to the precise calculation, all the accumulated promotion policy is actually amounted to 80%-85% direct discount, but you have to buy lots lot stuff you will not buy in another time. and the real discount rate is really not that deep promoting in their commercial. it is more likely a trick. so just be clear about it.

For a individual, whether you are a local person or a foreigner, you should probably have some basic knowledge and price level of your favorite stuff, and keep an eyes for their real discount in this festival, as I mentioned, for most of product, seller do offer some kind of discount to boots their selling, but it is not really that much, don’t be fool by all kinds of trick.

From my personal view, I give more credit to the Amazon or Apple for their black Friday promotion, it is just simple discount, anyone can see clearly how much they are saving, and make the simple decision to buy or not.

PS. counterfeit product is still widely existed in, try to buy most of products from the official flagship store in, you got more reliable product and warranty service.

PS. also join this festival as a strong competitor platform, almost goes the same way as, so just be calm down to check out your favorite stuff, buy what you really need.

Updated: 2017.11.15

Official release for GMV of for 2017 is 168.2 billion RMB ($25 Billion )  66% Year on Year.

Update: 2017.11.20

Check out a branch office of ZhōngTōng express (ZTO)

I just want to know, if it was raining, what are they ganna do?

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