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Although Ice-sports is popular in north America, especially in Canada, it is still kind of niche sport in China, it is a luxury hobby for most people in China to afford, but as Beijing is one of the top city with millions of middle class making living here, coupled with the host city for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in 2022, the skating sport is becoming more popular nowadays. Figure skating for girls and hockey for boys is the common choice for parents to choose for their children. For adult Chinese,especial for male group usually don’t attend such kind of sports themselves , insteadly companied with their children in the rinks.

So if you are a not a native Chinese, happened to raise your child in Beijing, then you probably consider take your child to skate, but be carefully to choose the rink, because not all the rinks in Beijing is well facilitated and orchestrated, especially for non native. I made some comparisons last year when choosing the rink for my own daughter to learn skate.

There are about 20 skating rinks in Beijing, more than half of them is indoor facility, for visitors or foreigners, indoor rinks would be the reasonable choice obviously. Among the indoors rinks, the top one list based on the overall evaluation (Location, Price, Management, Foreigner friendly ) would be the le cool ice rink ( which is located in the eastern 3rd ring express way, aka, embassy areas in Beijing, I saw the foreigners with their children skating out there with or without coach couple times, also a none-native girls attended the public class with the native boys and girls. This rink have opened more than 10 years, although the facility is not much brand new, (The locker and skate shoe for renting ) it is very neat and tidy, which means this rink is under well management. The average ticket cost or coach cost is not much high compared with the other rinks, just moderated level, so check it out from the photo taken there.

Charging Standard


Coach Team


Facility inside

Some of rinks in Beijing were out of business during these years, so be careful of buying any of deposit card from rinks in case you can not get refund when they are not in business any more, another rinks in Beijing with popularity is champion rinks (, I went there by myself, pretty new, overall evaluation is good, but from the management point of view, not as good as le cool ice rink.

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