JD Crisis

there are always arguments between seller and buyer, and if we can not count on the law, such as in China, the seller would be always in the stronger position.But there is one exception, if you are a famous person, you got fans, millions of fans on twitter, or weibo.com, then thing goes some unexpected way probably. Here is a recent sample for JD Crisis

I heard this news (http://www.williamlong.info/archives/5277.html )several days ago, I am not surprised to that, here is the simple version of this story.

One famous person A buy a product B online in the jd.com (just like Amazon.com), but the seller on JD.com send him a ß product , just like the B and ß, the brand of two product is very similar with the same functionality and different price.  let’s say, A want B, but get the ß one. so A complained, at the very beginning, seller would not admit it, just mixed up the B and ß, until the buyer A submitted the chatting evidence on the platform, seller finally admit they make a mistake of sending a wrong product, and agreed with the refund.  But A think it is a fraud activity, which would be fined with 10 times price for the original value according to the law, obviously seller reject it. So the complain escalated to the higher level of the jd.com platform.

The result of complain didn’t make buyer A happy, instead, Jd.com threat to sue A for defamation, and give the final decision which at most, refund the B product.

As no channel to complain, A wrote about his bad experience on weibo.com, which brought a great stirring online, ten thousands of comments was made to criticize Jd.com and lots of customer talked about their same experience with A.

Then, the table was turning its way, the senior management team of JD.com give a response that they will make a investigation on this case, currently, we still got no result, but as this is more like a PR activity,  person A probably got his 10 times refund this time without problem. But I would never feel happy about it, but upsetting, as for most of ordinary people, they can not argue successfully with JD.com

It doesn’t matter what the final result is, because whatever the result is, most people would still got into the same situation when their right was infringed without the protection and enforcement of the law. if I would stretch it a little more, that behavior lies in the culture of Chinese tradition, which is never admit your mistake, you can correct it in the future, but admitting your mistake means you got no any future. Forgiveness and confession is not in Chinese social culture. Forgetting is an appropriate personality for people.

Actually,  in China, for ones mistake, young people would more likely to admit their mistake with honesty, while the elder people don’t , I am not say all people behave in this way, just from my observation,  that’s kind of the fact.  I think it is because the enormous political turmoil happened in their young age, which dramatically affect their personalities.

Anyway, JD.com deserve the criticizing, when they are accusing Tmall.com of their counterfeit goods, they are even not admitting their counterfeit goods in front of the evidence.

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