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Japan is a huge topic for me, and because the World War II and the authority propaganda, all Chinese people have some complicated feeling about Japan, Gao XiaoSong have series of talk show about Japan (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yPkmhg9stE ) which I think worth watching if you have time, but for me, where do I begin? I just look around on my working table, I am surprised that it is so easy for me to collect three handy Japan product, you can see it on the featured image, which is BA The Liquid Pola beauty drinking product, Eye drops product from Santen pharmaceutical, warmer product from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

In general, all Japan product would take more serious of designing, considerable functionality, which deeply rooted in Japan culture, I will try to discuss more in the future.

Backing to the product, I will begin with the beauty product, which in fact I don’t exactly know when it come to my home, and if it is for drinking or using in same way, until, one time, my wife told me it is a hitting beauty product for drinking every day, and you can barely buy this product in any of the drug stores in Japan, because all this product would be bought by the Chinese Agency and resell to China again. It is an embarrassment for me when I heard this, I can imagine how the local Japanese people think about this kind of appearance, actually, it is not a big problem from the view of doing business, but there is always something wrong. BTW, even this product is successful in commercial, I do think natural food such as vegetable, and routine life with workout is the best way for beauty. Anyway, it is also the truth that woman’s choice is always right. ^_^

The same goes for the eye drops product, it is also a hitting product which is hard to buy but can get from the Chinese Agency, I have this product for about 3 years, I can’t deny it is a good product from commercial view, but for relieving my eye strain problem, it is probably just a psychological comforting. Actually, I treat it more of a beautiful action figure (手办: ガレージキット、English: Garage Kit).

The last one is different for me, although it is made in China under the authorization of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, It is a kickass product for my family, and almost save my life or some of my relative’s, not to exaggerate. You know, when the waist or back pain is acting, I can’t sleep all the night, it is hell for me to endure it about one week every time it is acting. The reason why I got this pain is simple, when I was in my twenties, as a young people, I don’t care my health much more, one day, when I start to drive at the first time, I enjoyed the new driving life, and have a lasted 7 hours driving. therefore, the next day, the waist pain was acting, long story short, Before I found this product, the pain would be acting every about 3 three years, and will last one week. And after years, I also know this pain would be a lifelong trauma company with me as the result of ignorance and reckless. So for now, when I feel the the pain would be acting, I will put this warmer on for one or two days, then all goes fine, and the acting hasn’t acted for more than 5 years. The same goes for some of my relatives, it helped lots of my relatives, so I would recommend this to any friends of mine who are struggling with pain.

To be continued…

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