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Jackie Chan is a famous star, even a legend, everybody knows him, especially in Chinese community, the last time I saw him in media is from The Late Show interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR0hwJp9AOA) to promote his new movie with ‘The Foreigner ’ , and Pierce Brosnan who is also widely known by Chinese people, is also featured in this movie, next time, I would also like to talk about this interesting actor.

As knowing Kongfu is one of the most important label for Asian,especially in China and Japan (ninja) areas, Jackie became an important bridge for western audiences to know about Chinese culture. Because jackie is famous for his Kongfu movie, all his movie would more or less be related to Kongfu even in his today‘s movie when he is more than sixty. Comedy factor also always lie in his movie for a long long time in his career which kind of became his unique identity compared to his predecessor Bruce_Lee (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lee). Jackie is now still an active producer/actor in Hong kong and hollywood entertainment industry.

To my own estimated, Jackie is no longer have great attraction to the young people in Chinese market, rather than a great symbol in the industry, actually for most people more than thirty, the best Jackie Chan movie would be coming back to 70s – 80s in his young age, when he replaced the Industry position of the sudden death of Bruce Lee.

I barely saw his movie since 10 years ago, one reason behind this is although the shooting technique had made a rapid progress, the story of his movie is no longer competence compared to other rising Kongfu star, such as Jet Li (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_Li), another reason is Jackie has expand his career to singing, even to be a politician and often publicly issue some controversial political view close to the authority’s which caused great debate in public, most public opinion is negative, and in general the criticism around him is his hypocrisy. Also some his comments on Bruce Lee in the famous talk show QiangQiang caused some criticism at that time.

To me, Jackie is more of a diligent, talented film star, especially the movie from his earlier age, I don’t think there would be so much actors today having the courage of jumping out of the 3rd floor of the building in Project A (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085127/) , for that, he deserve all the honor in this industry, and even today, this movie from 1983 is still a classic, fantastic movie, it is not a out of date one, kinda like God Father (even they are not falling in the same category), by the way, most of the cast in this movie became the great star and cornerstone of the prosperity of Hong Kong movie industry in 1980s-1990s.

Figure: He even jumped twice for better shooting


Figure: Another Kongfu Star Sammo Hung

As an actor, he has crossed the line of talking too much about politics, given some disgraceful scandal around him, such as his son arrested for marijuana use and disruption of the concert by saying ‘shut up’ to all audience and other misconducted behavior on the stage. He is not kind of respectful public figure, but on the other hand, as his business grows rapidly in China mainland, he have to build some relationship with authority in some way to boost or protect his business, that’s the way all business man, doing business in China, knows.

So Jackie Chan is an important person in Chinese filming history, you should see most of movies in his earlier age, basically it won’t let you down even today, but for Jackie Chan ’s movie screening during these years, you can just consider it an averaged quality level production, which has far less influence than the earlier age’s. At last, as a public figure or politician, he is not doing a good job as a politician and a father.


PS, Check out the similar movie scene from The Matrix Reloaded, the director Wachowski bro/sister is definitely a kongfu fans of Chinese movie according to the documentary , I would guess the coincidence is probably intentioned.


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