Interjektionen und Adj. (A1-2)

Learning Memo for German A1



 aha  – kind of surprise
 hurra  – cheer
 Pful  – bad thing, be careful, ugly thing or disgusting things , like igitt
 ach  – remembering something
 nanu  – what? really? questioning
 oho  – finally
 hm  – interesting
 nein  – no
 Ja ja  – common response to boring things


 das Studentenwohnheim  – dorm
 das Reihenhaus  – roll house, couple house combined, not a stand alone house, cheaper to afford with garden and porch
 das Altbau  – old building before 1949
 die Altbauwohnung   – wooden flat in old building, be careful the feminine
 das Hochhaus  – high building
 das Fachwerkhaus  – old style wooden house
 das Mietshaus  – House for renting

 auf dem Land   – in the countryside
 in der Stadt  – in the town
 in einem Dorf   – in the village

 der Garten   – garden
 der Balkon  – Balcony

 die Garage   – garage
 die Terrasse  – porch


 zu groß/klein   – too big/small
 zu laut/leise  – too noisy/quite
 zu schnell/langsam   – too quick/slow
 zu leicht/schwer   – too easy/hard

 sehr ruhig   – very quite
 sehr klein   – very small
 sehr nett  – very nice   die Nachbarn sind sehr nett  . the neighbours are very nice.
 sehr schön   – very nice/beautiful

 Ihr Haus ist zimelich alt  – your house is pretty old.

 die Wohnung 



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