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Peking University scandal

Peking University was recently in the swirling of all kinds of troubles, one students was sent home and forced to be quit after she asked for the rape case in 1998, news ,and when the 120th anniversary ceremony came on 4th May, the principal made a stupid mistake when giving the most important speech, then he became the most important focus of the anniversary.

->Peking University is the top university in China, also is the iconic symbol of the college education in modern China, if the founders of this university knew the head of this university today is such a mediocre person, they will jump out of their tomb, not to say the apology letter made by the principal after the mistake, which implied the students should move forward rather than his mistake.

At the first beginning, I even doubt myself if the principal is right about the wording in his speech when I know this, ironic! it turned out they pay too much attention and spend too much time to ruin the free spirit of Peking university, not for their academic.

“Everything is about sex except sex itself, it is about power” quote from House of card season I.

XiaoMi IPO

->See the news here, As I can see, there will be new millionaire who can finally afford the apartment in Beijing.

I personally think Xiaomi is overstated for the value, but compared to the real estate, it is far more less. Personally I still love this company with conservative as I mentioned in my article here (

Hongkong need XiaoMI IPO to regain their influence in the financial market after missed Alibaba because of the regulation for the right of the stock, XiaoMi also need a friendly market to boost their value in market, so it is a win win for both of them.

School district

->Today is the registration day for preliminary school(, unpredictable policy every year make every family anxiety during these days, the key point is that they got no choice but to follow to circumvent all the rules

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