I always want to talk about the IT industry I worked in for years, but as the principle of avoidance, I don’t want talk too much about my former employer, IBM, and Lenovo, which are both respectful company, and I grew up in IBM, and I will hold great esteem to IBM for my lifetime. So the controversial Chinese IT giant Huawei, just come to my mind, I will talk about this company in general who is known as ruthless pragmatism.

Please be aware that this is just from my personal view about huawei, which is very subjective. Sorry if you feel offensive for this company. I just share some my own observation.

Huawei is the top telecom equipment supplier in the world since 2012, actually it is in private sector, but there are rumors swirling around all the time that imply the military background of their founder, Mr.Ren. it is interesting that when I first heard of Huawei in 2003, it is from the law suit news about cisco suing huawei for copying the source code in the switch product. So I don’t have a good impression for this company in the first place, and even worse, Huawei denied the allegation.

I think huawei is definitely a successful Chinese company with unique internal culture, driven hard, cruel to competitor even to theirselves, no employee can work in their home city, meaning you can’t go home usually, then you can spend more time on working. And if you are more than a certain age, you will be forcing to lay off in some secret way. Huawei can make all this happened within the boundary of the current labor law.

Huawei had expand their business form switch product to broad areas, including telecom equipment, x86 server, cellphone, laptop, IT software, etc, and had made a rapid progress in all of these market globally. For example, Huawei cellphone is one of the top cell phone brand in recent years, compete way too steep with Apple , Samsung, XiaoMi, etc, even after the memory chip scandal of the P10 product.( , in fact, I am not surprise about any problem of the phone product, but what I want to criticize is the PR after the scandal outbreak on internet, They denied the investigation at first, just like the switch code stealing history and do nothing for the problem cellphone, also they would find the way to mute all the negative sound on the internet, and made all article criticizing it disappear. Too bad.

Actually almost all the Chinese giant got original sin, but if you don’t do something to make redemption in some way when you grow up, then you are doomed. One way or another, I think huawei would make change in the future, otherwise, the bottleneck or plateau will be coming soon.(maybe after Mr. Ren retired, he is 73 in 2017) this empire would have more chance to break apart without this stronger leader.

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