How to Say GoodBye

 Tschüs  – bye, informal,
 Ciao  – Bye – informal

 Mach’s gut!  – Do well, – to use informally with a old or good friend.

 Bis gleich , see you a very soon moment .
 Bis dann , See you
 Bis denn  (Dialect)
 Bis nachher , See you later
 Bis später , See you, in the same day.
 Bis demnächst  , see you sooner, short term, probably know the time.
 Bis die Tage  , see you some day, Long time,
 Bis bald , see you, days or weeks.
 Bis zum nächsten Mal.(Bis nächste Mal) , See you to the next time.

 Bis morgen , see you tomorrow.

 Bis nächste Woche   , See you next week.
 Bis nächste Mal  , See you next time.

 Schönen Tag noch  , have a nice day!
 Schönen Abend noch  , Have a nice evening!
 Schönen Feierabend  , Have a good evening, more specifically, have a good after work time.

 Pass gut auf dich auf! , take good care of yourself.

 Man sieht sich!  , we will see each other, say good bye to lots people
 Wir sehen uns!  , we will see each other, say good bye to lots people , more formal to group people.

 Auf Wiederhören  , good bye on the phone
 Auf Wiederschauen  , is the dialect of the Auf Wiedersehen .

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