Holiday Syndrome

The public holiday end and most people would back to work, which bring me up the holiday syndrome.

It got an unique aspect in reality of China, I think, because lots of Chinese people would return to home just once a year. So some of them would stay at home for two weeks, even longer, especially for building workers or in other labour intensive industry, because all business would suspend at lunar new year, like I mentioned early(, most people in China have no annual leave in practicing.

It will take almost a month to bring back a normal business in China, two weeks before and two weeks after the lunar year. although the public holiday for lunar year is just 7 days, people would still in kind of amusement mood , which is sometimes called holiday syndrome.

The holiday syndrome also stretch to the employer, or to say the boss in some way, because people would choose to quit after the lunar year holiday when they have got their year end bonus. According to a research conducted by 51job in 2017, the overall quit ratio is 20%, and in some specific segment, such as IT industry, it reached 25%, which is pretty active indeed, also a nightmare for the employer.

I am also back to my normal life, and continue my new plan, also backing to Beijing resume my networking connectivity, which literarily means when I was outside Beijing for traveling, internet access was restricted technically , especially for accessing international website, the interference( ) is more severe than in Beijing as I personally figured.

Usually people need a routine life to give the meaning of life, whatever it is true or fake, lunar new year break the rhythm of most people’s way of life, given the enormous gap between the city they make a living and their home. The culture collision between them also make young people kind of loss themselves when they actually can not be the real one among the native people group( ) where they work. It have caused some social problem, in some special cases, it will go extreme, like a terrorist, such as Beijing mall stabbing ( or Shanghai van crash ( ) recently. Public can not get the full picture of this kind of news rather than a guy with mental illness did this or an isolated accident from authority. I can’t comment too much about conspiracy behind without solid evidence but I am skeptical in some way.


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