Holiday Rush Hour

The time I wrote this article is approaching to the end of this years, 3 days public holiday is about to begin, so people are making their preparation for traveling , just like Friday crowd, you can see the holiday crowd right before 1 or 2 days, I checked the ticket for the train to nearby city within 500 km, merely sold out, most people would call it a night at noon, and begin their journey in the afternoon. So the rush hour is going to last 6-8 hours till mid night. This is the infinite circle happened in every public holiday.

Authority had managed to make the related legislation to encourage the paid annual leave, but this is not working in most private sector, even in some public sector, only some multinational corporation from US did better in practice. Annual leave is a luxury thing when people are still struggling with OT payment beyond 8 hour and no forcing OT on weekend. it sound ridiculous for some people, but lots of employees have to work or on duty on Saturday, such as in Huawei (, the reason behind this is complicated, one of the situation scene would be: If no one get paid for OT, will you stand up to ask for that from your boss? most people would never do it, in the traditional western point of view, if you wouldn’t fight for yourself, no one else will fight for you, that’s true, but thing goes different here, you can’t simply blame the silence people.

So the important public holiday such as spring festival or mid autumn festival became the only way for people to take vacation, and traffic jam is definitely inevitable, especially outside 4th ring express way, because of the traffic rule violation happening everywhere, I am not exaggerating it, yesterday, I spent 5 hours for a round driving(50 km) to railway station( , which I used to spend 1 hour only, I saw more than 4 accidents on the road, mostly causing by careless driving and violation, so only if you have to, just stay at home with your family when this kind of holiday is coming.

Here is some traveling tips for outing during these days.

  • Making a plan for holiday is essential, don’t rush to something, even just for a dinner, otherwise you will experience an awful waiting time which would probably drive you mad.
  • To take train, buy the ticket at least one week in advance, depends on which kind of holiday, basically you can buy the ticket online before 1 month. and no much charge when you refund your ticket if you can not make the trip.
  • Airplane is usually the expensive one, but for some hot destination, it would cheaper than high speed train. don’t forget to check, but you also need to do it in advance.
  • If you are not getting used to the crowded people around you, taking airplane is always better.
  • Driving to airport or railway station by taxi is going to be a long journey during these days, just set off as earlier as you can, (2-3 hours for railway, 4 hours for airport)
  • Driving by yourself is challenging indeed, just leave Beijing before 2 day the holiday begins, otherwise, you would probably be stuck in the near high way.
  • Traveling landscape would be crowded with traveller outside Beijing, try not go to famous landscape in these days, such The Great Wall, Forbidden City.
  • Shopping is not a bad choice in the christmas and new year season, deep discount is everywhere, you could check out the Outlet(

Figure: Taxi Waiting line in Railway Station.(more than 100 meter long)

Figure: You can see beggar in all the public transportation areas, especially in subway, but you can not tell if they are professional or manipulated by some one. It is upsetting.

Update:when midnight come the next day, only the cold iron railings left.

Iron railings is everywhere in our life, which regulate everyone’s path, the word on the billboard is an implication of “Don’t cut the line!”,and this powerful turning iron stuff has been setup since last month as an upgrade measurement for security.

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