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A1 index
Notes: Please be aware that here is the learning memo and notes from my deutsch course, I put them here briefly to help myself to better understand and go over the knowledge, it is not a intention to serve any one in any way, but if it happened to be helpful to you in some way, That’s not a bad thing for me obviously! Grüße

  • Memo 1. Introduction, Name, Where From, Where to Live, and Coffee or Tee Drinking
  • Memo 2. Number
  • Memo 3. Scenario for Calling and Pay the bill.
  • Memo 4. Article – Artikel
  • Memo 5. Direction and landmark
  • Memo 6. Present and Past Tense
  • Memo 7. Say goodbye
  • Memo 8. A1-1 Summary Essay
  • Memo 9 (A1-2).Interjektionen, Adj, Haus und Akkusativ

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