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Food delivery service should be the most handy benefit in China around the world, if you live in Beijing or other first tie city in China, you basically can got any food to be delivered to your apartment within 1 hours.

Last year, the ELE acquired Baidu WaiMai, means the No.2 and No.3 market share competitor finally got together to compete with the No.1 MeiTuan, so you should probably just keep two food delivery App in your phone.


MeiTian APP

MeiTian have the largest market share and the ratio of on time delivery and service satisfaction is leading the market, so you could try it without problem, while, ELE and Baidu Waimai is still have huge user base, sometimes, customer could complain the service time and attitude problem. In general, to covering as much as restaurant, you have to keep them all.

You should probably ask, how can they stay in business as the huge cost of running this kind of O2O business, well, the answer is simple, huge amount of adventure investment for the final monopoly and the cheaper labour with no obvious entrance threshold.

Doing business in China basically means to seek monopoly as all the successful giant did in the last decade without penalty by law , when you have the dominate position in the market, you can do whatever you want, including hurting your customer for own benefit without interference by government because authority also benefit from the monopoly. So the startup don’t really care to spend huge money on subsidy to customer to acquire the market as they know one day, they will be pay back.

Food delivery industry is a labour intensive business model, which would require lots of man power, literally means jobs, but the delivery guy have to work more than 14-16 hours to earn about $1000 each month, and no one will be their representative for their benefit like union.

Actually I shouldn’t blame too much about the industry as I am also the one who benefit from this for more convenient life. So I just drop some tips here for visitor to refer to.

  • KFC and MacDonald got their own delivery service, check out the app. but they would not offer service in late night, usual delivery time would within 1-1.5 hours.  KFC APP ,   MacDonald APP
    *Please be careful if you are using a android Phone,you may be redirected to a unofficial App store which you got chance to lose your privacy
  • As long as the restaurant is opened, you can find either app of MeiTuan or ELE would accept the deal for delivery even in the midnight, usual delivery time would within 1 hours.
  • Try not to order with soup, it would probably spill out when delivering, the same goes to coffee and beverage, you don’t know if the delivery guy would put them back without your notice.

Figure: A Baidu WaiMai Guy on his electronic bicycle.

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