‘Following’ Business

If you take subway in Beijing, Shanghai, you would probably notice some people coming over to ask everyone to follow her/his Wechat QR code on their phone. It is kind of disturbing and annoying when being asked 3 or 4 times just for one short trip, most people out there choose to be silence and neglect, well, I would like to be pretending sleeping.

I dig into it on the internet for some detail, because I always thought this is more like a ‘road show’ for startup, I usually saw them in the conner of the crossroad, giving a present for a registration of their App. But it seems not all right now, most comments on the internet lead to a special business model called ‘Wēi Shāng’, literally means the Dealer for Weichat, yes, that’s right, weichat is the largest communication App in China with huge user base. As soon as you followed their account, you will receive bunch of commercial spam from weichat. Actually it doesn’t make sense why so many people(who request to be followed) are doing this? It is said that all these people is also a victim of pyramid scheme fraud, they have spent their own money to stock with goods(but actually the goods is always in the hands of up line), and have to recruit new members. I don’t know how this scam is running exactly, but one way or another, the system will be broken, most people lost their money except the one on the top of the food chain.

Some fact are even bothering me a lot, like, all the residents in one of a village near TianJin city are doing pyramid scheme fraud, my question is where is the end for so many people? I have no idea.

Actually, marketing campaign is necessary for all business, and user base is even vital for startup to survive, but steep competition and legislation delaying lead to user base fraud ,even financial fraud, and based on which, the fake data(technically invalid data), they raise fund from finance market, and get loaded, finally, all the small investor pay the bill.

I have no conclusion,also I could be exaggerate just based on my own insight. but as a ordinary one, a individual, just don’t believe in the myth of getting rich over one night. whether in China or the rest of the world.

Next time, when someone ask for your following or registration by giving you a free gift? just leave it away.

PS. I also met someone ask me for a banknote, as he will pay me by e-pay, such Alipay. please also be careful the privacy and account loss when you scan his phone or the counterfeit banknote you may probably received. A polite way to refuse is just telling him you are out of money. at last , please use your best judgement, because someone may do need our help sometimes. Such a dilemma !

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