Flu (Influenza) Prevention – Private Hospital II

Last time, I mentioned a cost comparison between public hospital and a private hospital. I recently got a chance to try another private hospital which is relative affordable for working class, here is the story which  begin with the flu.

The outbreak of  flu such as H1N1  in this winter is unexpected for me, it’s the worst one among recent winters, almost half of the children in the kindergarten class got sick leave, among which, there are typical symptom of catching flu. I don’ t know why lots of people got flu this winter for the scientific reason, but I guess it is related with the weather such as dryness or no snow.

Last time, I remember the total cost(reception,testing, medicine ) in one private hospital is about 2400RMB ($360), well, my child got flu again, I tried another private hospital after I found the public hospital had already out of their daily capacity,the name of the hospital is Amcare clinic(www.amcare.com.cn), I think the facility and staff is pretty good, but with lower cost, I almost go through the same process, registration, blood and saliva testing, and prescribe medicine, and the total cost is 1300 RMB ($195) which is way cheaper than the previous hospital. So, here become my first choice for the next time I need medical service.

Private hospital would be covered by most high-end medical insurance, if you have no such kind of insurance, the price range in this hospital is relatively affordable for most people who do not got sick very often, also there is no any restriction for international customer, I think most of the doctors can speak English(not pretty sure.)

Here is my doctor’s suggestion to prevent catching flu:

  • Try not go to somewhere people are crowded. cross-infection possibility is really high for older and children.
  • Stay hydrated, which would keep body’s immune system working better.
  • Put on a face mask if you have to go to somewhere people are crowded.
  • Clean your hands and keep indoor air fresh.
  • Have more vegetable to eat.
  • Keep warm, have enough slumber time.

If you got high fever (>38.5C), but you are still feeling yourself well, do not rush to hospital for treatment, public hospital is full of patients who may affect you, try take some medicine to cool down your body or make reservation for a private hospital where do not have much people.

Flu is technically incurable, you should let your immune system to kill the virus in your body if you have no other complication symptom.

Children and elder people should pay more attention to complication symptom caused by flu virus. if any symptom emerge, go to hospital (with mask) ASAP.

Got a shot for flu vaccine is not a guarantee for being immune to all kinds of flu, you still need to be careful.

PS. Amcare is also offer medical service for adult, and the inpatient service, and birth giving service is their main business.

Figure:Pediatric Room

Figure: Blood Testing Room

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