My Favorite Public Figure- MǎWeìDū

This article is about the GuanFu museum in Beijing

All our favorite celebrities would change along the way as we grow up, so we are no longer the fans of them,  I found it’s hard for me to be anyone’s fans any longer, I realized all people have their limitations and people don’t really change.

So the wording favorite actually means the one who earns most people’s respect and have something exciting worked now, which is niche, great. Speaking of which, this time, I want to talk about the creator of the only private museum in Beijing. Who’s name is MǎWeìDū.

If the forbidden city is a sublime, cold, cyclopedic landscape(In every well, on the surface of the stone, where someone  could die in the past ), the museum he own would be a  small, down to earth, warm place for us to see the culture of Chinese history in a very close view. if you are the visitor who loves the culture of China, this is really a good place to go.

Brief BIO for Mr.Ma

  • Born in a military background family, so he got some kind privilege at the first beginning.
  • In the golden age of literature, 70s and 80s, he is the editor of government owned newspaper, getting to know the most important author , WangShuo(
  • After the economic reform leading by Chinese revolutionary and politician Deng xiaoping, Mr.Ma throw himself to TV industry, invest, screenwriter and produce some important TV series, such as ‘Stories of an Editorial Board’(  which is the milestone for Chinese TV industry and the cradle for some supper star (GeYou
  • he start off a public antique or vintage course in China National TV (CCTV) which is very popular in public. so he became a well known celebrity.
  • In 1980s-90s, he bought vintage from lots of ordinary people, at that time, all the antique or vintage is not much valuable as all people are struggling with their lunch and dinner.
  • In 1996, he opened the 1st private museum in Beijing.
  • In 2014, he start a talk show program in ,

Actually every thing I mentioned for him is remarkable for ordinary people, and he did a lot, but that’s not the reason he earn respect from most of people, the real reason here is as a public figure, he have some courage to tell the truth of our current society in public, kind of , not all, you know, if he talks everything, the weibo would be probably be blocked.  If you know some mandarin, you can check out his weibo(

The name of his museum is  GuanFu museum (, including china venue, furniture venue, Door/Window venue, and Painting venue. Opening exhibition is often held in this museum, which the audience can feel all the art work closely. (Brief intro in Mandarin:

Going to museum is usually outside the radar in ordinary people’s life, so you won’t expect a crowded scene there, it’s quiet, you can enjoy the serenity in the noisy city.

Google Map

Baidu Map

20RMB for Ticket per person.

Inside the museum, Some photo is taken when I went there in 2016


The most interesting thing in the museum, I think, is the petting cat, they can go everywhere in the yard  without limitation or distraction by the visitor, I love them so much.

At that time, I am really not sure if this is a seat… if I broke it when I sit, will it cost me a million bucks?

This is how a tumbledown chair be repaired in the museum.


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