Family Story 1952

1. 1952

It is in winter of 1952 when the Korean war happened two years ago on 25th.June. The UN troop and Chinese troop were deadlocked around the Northern Latitude 38, no one knows what will happen next, rather than continue to exhaust hundred thousands of lives on both side, what Chinese people know about the war is the American Imperialism invaded their home,  they must protect their home at all cost, obviously, the neighbor is a part of their home.

This war also play a good role in one’s life, because of this military conflict in Korean Peninsula, China lost the chance of military action against Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, who was considered as the biggest enemy to all Chinese people. But still, the Taiwan troops take a covered military action on NanRi island and won a small experimental battle this year.

Far from the east Asia, a great smog stormed London by the end of this years, killing more than 4000 people, In China people did not bother with the pollution, but there are still lots of people died unnaturally in this years, committing suicide , and most of whom would leave the last words of blaming themselves, and the compliment for their political leader.

All those big things are not the concerns or being aware by four younger sisters, they just moved from their home town YangZhou city to Tianjin city. They are absolutely southern China girls, as their parents are from Guangdong and Yangzhou province. All the girls looks different from the native girls for the beautiful eyes and projecting forehead, as a matter of fact, northern people of China tends to be more body high body and cheekbone, the face is kind of more flat than the southern people. You believe or not, most Chinese people think girl from near southern ChangJiang river is more beautiful in looking.

Among the four girls, the youngest one is just about two years old. When they arrived their new home, technically it is just a revamped balcony place, the family finally got reunited.

Two years ago, in the capital city of Nanjing for the national government , when the housewife of this family still worked in a policy station as a ledger staffer, she never know she would move to another city for the rest of her life. At that time, as a female she can read and even write, which is rare  among the 5% literacy population  ratio in China. She hadn’t been in any public school for such education, instead in a old style private school, her mother is a daughter from an officier family, which probably the first line official of the Qing dynasty. Old style private school is popular among this kind of family, where all their children including girls can get educated.

I would call the housewife Mrs. Mo.

Her husband, Mr.Wong is a foreman working in an upscale restaurant in Nanjing, everything begin with his sudden hematemesis in 1951.

Before 1949, PRC was founded, hematemesis is a typical symptom of an ancient disease, the tuberculosis, which can be sourced to the Stone Age before 3,000,000 years ago, was still widely considered as one of the lethal disease, killing half of the patients. Although the invention of the streptomycin in 1944 became the first effective drug to cure this disease,  the public still think it is an incurable disease at that time. Coupled with decades of years war affair on the China mainland, medical  system for public is still on the way to recover.

Wong, at that time, is a handsome young man,  he is not very tall like most southern China people does, but is a really nice and kind guy, because of which he was assigned as the foreman for the servant team in the restaurant. To be frank, I always have to think, the fundamental reason for such a quiet man can step on this career position is the marriage connection to the chief chef.



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