Family Story Marriage


Mrs.Mo is a tough lady for life, basically she can not get along with everyone around her, you can’t call it selfness, it’s more complicated than that, because, she finally got all her eight children live through that poor age, it’s like running an army, kindness  or softness would not make them all survive. But on the other hand, it is the toughness of Mrs.Mo,  kind of deeply affected the personality of all her children.

Mrs.Mo is not a good neighbour.

What she can not bear with most is the topless nudity of those elder women in Tianjin, every summer, which climate would reach to 40C, it’s a hell for her to see that scene on the street. It is rare, but still can be seen in the northern China today for elder women.

Mrs.Mo also can’t get alone with his husband Mr.wong, they often fight at night, and just kick Mr.wong out of the bed. As I have mentioned, Mr.wong is a kindness guy, who do not say much, when the fight escalated, usually he would step away and keep silence.

One of the fundamental reason behind their fight may be the 1st wife of Mr.wong, technically speaking, Mr.wong and his 1st wife never get in divorce, he got two wives in his life time.

The 1st wife of Mr.wong, who called A, was appointed to Mr.wong in his earlier age, when most family would arrange the marriage for their children, young people do not have a say on this matter, Chinese people have done this for thousands years, if it was not the revolution turmoil from 1911-1949, they must be have a blissful marriage for their life.

Mrs. A is also a quiet, kind women, and have two children with Mr.wong, although after 1952, they never met with each other again, the Family of Wong always afford the live of Mrs.A by sending money to her for years.

Mrs.Mo knew about this before getting married with, and they just keep it in that way for the rest of their life.

Since 1911, the Chinese republic revolution, all the rule from ancient time was broken, as well as the marriage system, young people have the liberty to pursue their own love, so the case happening to just happened to many peoples. including the famous writer, patriot LuXun, who also afford this first wife’s living in Beijing for lifetime but living with his lover, student Miss.Xu in the southern China. He never get in divorce.

All people living in that age have double aspects in their personality, tradition and modern, conflict and merge.

In 1949, the wife of chief chef in Nanjing Huibin restaurant introduced her younger sister to a handsome younger man who worked hard as a foreman in this restaurant. That is the Mr.wong.

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