Family Story – A Letter

One day afternoon, more close to dusk, in 1954, when Mrs.Mo is still working on her sewing works which is the only stable income for this family, five children just stay at the ground and the youngest infant was nursed by the two elder sister. Others just stay calm, because they don’t have much strength to play or even cry, food for them is very limited, the food supplying for them is just beyond the dead line.

Mr.Wong can not find a regular job after he moved to Tianjin, he have to do lots of part time job to try to afford the family, the most jobs he did at that time is working in a pen factory, helping grind the pen nib. As tianjin is the most important light industry city in China, the part time job opportunity is always be there, but the compensation is pretty low. Even Mr. Wong have the habit of smoking, he have to make the cigarette by himself to save more money for the family.

Someone just step into the door and go to the 2nd floor where the family lives at that afternoon. Two man with black suit, they don’t have to knock the door, because technically there is no door here, as the family lived in a 10 SQM balcony. They don’t say much when entering this place, looking around and staring carefully at Mrs.Mo, who don’t stop his sewing work. After a while, Mrs.Mo figure they may be looking for someone, then she ask, “you are looking for someone?”

“Yes, we are looking for Mrs.Mo, we got a letter from her, and we are send here to do the investigation, and what do you want from us”

“You see us now, we live here since 1952, but still can find a stable jobs to afford this family, what I want is a regular job for my husband then we can raise these children. Our family come from southern China, and have no relatives here in Tianjin to help us, So I wrote this letter to Prime Minister Zhou.”

“Well, we have seen the all of this, and you just wait and see.”

Then they leave

After one month, Mr. Wong got informed to register in No.2 food company of Tianjin. since then, he has a regular job, a pretty good job with fair income and social insurance. Finally, the family became a honorable working class member in the new socialism society. All the children survive from starving.

Mrs. Mo did this 3 months ago, as she think her family would go to the dead end after the fifth girl was born, the sewing work can not even afford the adults, not to say all the children, and they have pretty bad relationship with the neighbour, so she got no one to ask for help, one day night, after all children was asleep, she write a letter to Prime Minister Zhou for helping this dying family. She don’t know the address of Prime Minister Zhou, she just write Beijing, Prime Minister Zhou as the receiver on the envelope, then the next morning, she drop the letter in the mailbox.

This is the first time the new regime save this family.

2018.4.23. 1st edition.

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