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The entertainment industry is booting over years in China, especially in 2,3 tie city, as the first tie city like beijing is plateaued. Although the box office is good, lots of criticizing for the industry rise dramatically. Chinese movie got few chance to share spotlight in all kinds of famous film festival during these years, thinking about india movies, Japanese movies, even Korea movies (A Taxi Driver, recently). movie on the public screen is seriously censored or banned by any reason.

As I am not the huge fans of any kind of politics regulation, so for a visitors, if you would like to see a movie in China. just be aware that DO NOT buy a ticket in any of the box office, just go online to buy the ticket, it will save you 40-60% cost. the popular app for movie ticket in China is TaoPiaoPiao from taobao.com, alternative app is available also, just see what your friends in china are counting on.

Not like in US, you can change the screening room in the middle of the screening, you have to choose a specific movie in the very beginning (when buying the ticket)and can not be changed, also the seat is not first come first serve, you got a fixed seat number chosen by you.

All the original none-Chinese movie, mostly English speaking movie imported from US, got Chinese subtitle when screening and so does the Chinese movie, but you got only Chinese subtitle, not English. Speaking of which I have to say something about the piratic movies, the fact is that you would probably find any of non-Chinese movie on the internet without problem, you will not receive any demand letter from IP lawyer, this is some kind of compromising way for Chinese people to see movie outside China. I won’t judging, that’s the matter of fact.what I am suggesting is if the movie you like can be screening legally in the cinema, go there and have fun.

Etiquette in a theater or cinema, actually if you want a good screening experience, you have to choose some time frame which less people go at that time, such as morning or working day, because some people out there may take a phone call or chatting during the screening, which probably annoy others, so, less audiences, you got less chance to get in that situation. Also the staff of cinema would usually open the light before the credit and cast information show up. it’s rude, but most cinema do. so be it.

Figure: Self service kiosk to print your ticked bought online

Figure: After inputing the passcode, you got your ticket, Yes, the Justice league


Figure: The Seat is comfortable, Leg space is fine, and an extra Air Filter to comfort you.

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