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Today, I went to a emergency room at 9PM with my mother in law who had a fever and caught a cold. As I heard a lot from my friends or the press about the medicine care in US, also I happened to read some brief introduction about Obamacare as well as the replacement by Trump administration couple weeks ago. so I got a vaguely impression of medicine care and service in US. expensive ? or low efficiency ? I don’t know exactly, I didn’t live in US for any long term, here, I just want to talk about my experience in a advanced hospital in Beijing. you guys can make some peer comparison by yourself. In case you are not feeling well, going to a local Chinese public hospital is always not a bad choice compared with private hospital in Beijing.

As a career, doctor is usually not a good choice in China compared with in western world, because they have extremely workload yet earn less, all the legal income can not afford a decent life in Beijing for most of the ordinary doctor, so taking bribe does happen sometimes, especially in the surgery operation, it is kind of reality. But for the most of first line doctor, they would probably review more than 60 patients face to face every day, also they may face all kinds of physical assault from the patients. it’s rare, but did happen.

Backing to our topic, if you got a common disease, such as fever, catching cold, you can just go to the emergency room after working hour, in this case of China-Japan Friendship Hospital for me, It’s only take me total 1 hour to register, see the doctor, blooding test, and get your medicine from the pharmacy, it’s pretty efficient. the cost with all drugs is less than 200 RMB ($30), but you have to afford them all by yourself usually, as you are taking the emergency service. insurance company will only cover little of it. actually that is no much difference for a visitor or foreigner, because you are not entitled to be covered by insurance in public hospital, as I know, only some global insurance company could cover the cost from both private hospital and public hospital in China which is too expensive for most ordinary people to afford.

Figure:Patient and doctor, Privacy?

Figure:For the sake of tracking patient with fever, there is a specific fever clinic in the hospital for the precaution of contamination and infection

Some tips if you got sick in Beijing, but you have no high end global insurance covering.

1.In working hours, go to the hospital directly, better company with a local Chinese to help you about the process, usually it will take more than half day to finish all the process, because most of the general hospital is crowded. the good side is, in working hour, all doctor are on duty to handle all kinds of patents case and you can take MRI, CT, ect.

2.After working hours, Just go to the emergency room, but only common disease can be treated during these hours, such fever, catching cold, vomiting, etc. well, it is pretty efficient usually.

3.Bone broken or related twisted, go to the specialized hospital, JiShuiTan hospital located near the north-west conner of the 2rd express way. Emergency room is available also.

4.Peking union medical college hospital is the top hospital in China even in the world. you can check it out here http://www.pumch.cn/Category_2043/Index.aspx

5.Community hospital is usually near from your apartment, it is not alway crowded compared with general hospital, so sometimes, it’s a good choice for common disease.

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