Elon Musk

I saw the footage of falcon heavy successful launching, it is such a incredible achievement for mankind, and must be the milestone for the space exploration, most People think Elon Musk as the iron man Stark, feathered in the Marvel Comics, and I am not sure eventually whether he will became a super villain from the superhero role, but for the time being, he do inspire millions of people including me.

Actually I am not a Tesla fans (http://www.beijinghangout.com/electric-car/), but from a full picture, he is doing amazing things across different industry, if what he was seeking is wealth, then, when he sell paypal.com , he has already done it. Paypal is a Alipay.com similarity known by Chinese people, and given the same business success of both product, the Alipay.com then grow up to a jumbo enterprises, expanding their business in entertainment and finance industry, became the most powerful gravy train, holding greedy businessman and some of corrupted official, I am not blaming it as Alipay do help our life better, but feel a little sorry about it for its no longer brining the truly exciting product anymore.

Instead, Paypal hold it line, and focus what matter for its business, which I think is the ‘Security’, and did a extraordinary better job along its growing up, also the former Paypal founders, AKA PayPal Mafia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PayPal_Mafia) then created many great companies, I think one of the most famous one is the Palantir Technologies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palantir_Technologies), whose analysis technology help US military locate Osama bin Laden , and the Palantir is an interesting term from The Lord of the Rings , the magic ball used by Wizard Saruman The White.


Elon Musk did not stop, and still pursued his dream, created the incredible Tesla, SpaceX, cofounder of SolarCity, I don’t why he and his brother have such a great vision, which the ordinary people can not even try to imagine, but it is really inspirational.

Finally, yesterday, I heard someone said: when one American have sent his sedan into the solar orbit in the space, while our people are still struggling to bypass the block of the news around the world, how can we innovate a better thing.

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