Edison Chen

Check out the Full Speech link in Youtube.com from Edison Chen

Youtube algorithms recommended me this speech in NYC university by Edison Chen Link1, Link2 , for most people from western world, this guy almost means nothing to you, but in Asia, he is a typical culture symbol, especially in China, and after this sex scandal outbreak in  2008, he stepped  away from hong kong entertainment industry and start off his own business, here is the ins and outs of the scandal from the wikipedia(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edison_Chen_photo_scandal)

Actually he is also kind of the victim of the scandal along with the women who have the intimate relationship with him, we can’t blame a young man to take intimate photo in private, and unintentionally be leaked by others(actually he should have been more careful),  but at that time, all the blame went to him, and at the same time,  all the netizen enjoy the photo leaked. Forgive me again, I also saw the picture set.

OK, that’s enough for the background, although I am not his fan at the first place, I do think he is an interesting guy, and kept an eye on his business and his documentary film and some interview, and just to be clear, he is not the ordinary or regular one who start off all his career from square, he got a good family background and well educated in Canada (sure, he is a Canadian ), so don’t be fool by all that inspirational story.

For the speech in NYC, in fact I don’t think it’s a good speech regarding of what he told about, it’s more of a promotion for his brand(not explicitly ) and coupled with some inspirational words to the young audiences based on his own experience, even he repeatedly told the audiences not to lower your standard when you come back to China, I think he also knows that’s impossible. All real business man know how the real battle field look like, especially in China.

But I do like something truth he told, which is it is hard, essentially be yourself in China,  even he is a celebrity or kind of free man in China, I added the latter part of the sentence, because as an ordinary people, it is extremely harder than Edison to be theirselves, given the culture and education framework, and most people don’t even notice of that fact.

Some works he did, if you are interested.

  • He did a good cameo role in Infernal Affairs2002which copyright of the screenplay was bought by hollywood , then screened in 2006 as The Departed (Featured in 79th academy award  as Best Film and Best Director)
  • A documentary film of him


  • He did a lot hip hop music which you can find easily in youtube

PS. As a man who is turning 40, he is really getting old, especially for a business man, it is exhausted.


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