Today, when I was reading news on my iPhone, I felt a sudden shake of my seat, then I immediately realize that’s an earthquake, the reason I can realize this quickly is because just couple days ago , A deadly earthquake (magnitude 6.5) happened in Taiwan Hualian county, taking more than 17 lives, including some traveller from Beijing, it’s quite a tragedy.

After the earthquake hit, according to my own judgment, It’s just a minor hit, last only 1-2 seconds, I just talked to my family about the earthquake, but not take any action (Actually I don’t know if this is the correct procedure for earthquake action. ), I have a theory of my own about earthquake, which is , if a deadly earthquake hit such as 8-9 magnitude, you barely have chance to take action if your building is not strong enough, given most people live in the building with more than 20 floors in China. Also, if the earthquake is a minor hit, then you don’t have to run at all.

My theory come from two facts,
one is Beijing is not on the center of seismic belt, although it is close to it, actually I think Japan is the seismic belt center, China just close to it.
Two is the fact that in 1976, a nearby city TangShan have a 8 magnitude earthquake, which is very close to Beijing, killing more than 240,000 people, the city was destroyed entirely , after that, all the following earthquake should probably the aftershock of it even after 30 year later.

Speaking of TangShan earthquake, I got to say something, it was happened before I was born, but my brother have the memory of that, I know the detail from my mother.

This severe earthquake happened before the economic reform, no any technical method to let authority to know where exactly the earthquake happened at that time, it is said that, after the earthquake, the state department finally know the center of the earthquake only when the survivor from Tangshan drove to Beijing to have the authority know it.

And Chinese government refused the rescue team from the international organization for some absurd reason, People in Tangshan, even nearby city Beijing, Tianjin suffered a lot during that period with limited medical level and rescue capability from official. At that time, China is a very poor country with political turmoil, it is the nightmare for lifetime to all witness.

My parent in Tianjin city also lived in the shelter for months and send my elder brother to suburb village with grandparents, and even after three year later, people finally know what exact happened in Tangshan, and the exact victim number in that tragedy.

There is a good movie depicting the Tangshan earthquake, ( till now, I still don’t have the courage to watch it, when I just think about this hopeless situation after the earthquake, I will burst into tears for the miserable peoples at that time. Most people live a pathetic life before DengXiaoPing administration before 1978, and Chinese people have live such a life almost for 100 years. Since First Sino-Japanese War, Chinese people was doomed, then went into the darkness (Japan was in a opposite way to rise until the World War II, taking the atom bomb) Check out the War in China during this 100 years (, well, this is a large topic, I will talk a little in the future.

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