Driving Restriction

Last time, when I talked about the electric car(http://www.beijinghangout.com/electric-car/), I mentioned about the immunity of the driving restriction regulation, well, I will talk about the restrictions more in detail from a personal perspective.

The detail traffic regulation is complicated, I can only address the important one which have more influence on my life.

Driving restriction, AKA, road space rotation policy for the personal car(less than 6 seats model), means that my car can not be on the public road during a certain day per week, which is based on the last digit of my license number or plate number. The number groups categories as 1/6, 2/7, 3/8, 4/9/, 5/0 (English Letter count as 0), from Mon. to Fri. and the off street day on each week rotate every three month.

If you violated the rule, the traffic camera would recognize your license number, and you will be fined RMB 200 each time in one day(3 hours immunity for you to find a parking space).

To circumvent the restriction, I got the second or backup car to drive when my main car can not be on the road. So, the backup car was used one time each week, kind of waste.

But, I was being silly at that time when buying the second car, I did not foresee the following restriction imposed for the worst smog day, which is the even-odd plate license policy, half of the cars can not be on the road when severe smog days coming, and unfortunately, my two cars got odd number ending digits (1 and 9), what a dumb for me! for years I still blame myself for this. BTW, you can not change the plate number except when you sell your old car and buy a new one.

To buy a car in Beijing is still under restriction, a family can only buy two car at most, and if you want to buy a new one, you have to sell one of them. In fact , that is not the worst situation, if you did not own a car before the regulation enacted in 2012, you have to play a lottery system with authority to win a license number every month. One of my friend, who start to play the lottery right in 2012, till today, he still can not win a license. it is very upsetting.

My view

The restriction is not fair for those who do not own a car before 2012.

I don’t think the reduction of the car on the road every day is the key to reduce the smog. whereas the car emission is always under the spotlight instead of coal burning and manufacture industry which is dilemma or hard for authority to ban directly

The limited effect of off street car on each week would finally be negated with the selling of the new cars. So I don’t think it is the fundament way to control the smog.

As electricity generating way in China far more depends on the coal, you can not simply treat electric car as a privilege one on the road for the sake of environment protection.

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