Double Dragon

I bought a PS4 game yesterday, the Double Dragen 4 with 50RMB, the same cost of two coffee. 20 years ago, even a simple Super Mario game would cost you 100RMB, which means more than 1/10 of one’s monthly salary.


Ready player one just crossed the line of 1 Billion box revenue, and to my guess, I would reach 2-3 billion this time in the market of China. let’s wait and see.

The vintage age of classic TV game falls.

Arcade game prospered in 1980s, when I saw this amazing game machine in the backyard of a cinema for the first of my life, this is also the first time I am aware that human can interact with a TV or a character on a TV. It’s fantastic for a 6 years old boy, and deeply changed his life. I know the Double Dragen(Revenge) game just in this period.

ATARI had gone downhill in late 1980s, even earlier, but I witnessed the last time of the ATARI game console, there are lots of mobile game station around all preliminary schools, which sold the playing time to the students, the popular game at that time is Busy Police and Bee and Plane (kind of) game. I did’t spend any money on it, just tons of time to watch it. I can not afford such a expensive entertainment.


When Nintendo FC came to market, all the mobile station swiftly upgraded to the new console and obsolete the ATARI, because the FC is far more advanced in every aspect than the ATARI one, and what I can see is a more agile and beautiful Bee game instead.

Until one day, Contra came to the station and shocked everyone who watched it, and also this is the first time, I spent all the money I saved for a month to exchange a one minutes playing, you know, all newbie at that time can not pass through the first stage. It is the earlier 90s.

I don’t remember the exact time when I got my first FC console, and also I am not sure if it is an official authorized one, but it did changed my life for entertainment, since then, all my friends and me just played games and exchanged games, basically lost interest to going out any more, just like today people’s life.

Just because of the great success of FC in China, it is spotted by the government, and also coupled with the rising critic from parents, Chinese government just banned the importation of the game console, so most of the Chinese kids just step still in the FC age for more than a decade.

I can remember in the mean while when the FC went downhill, my friend and I sought the Super FC station to play the famous Soccer game for 5RMB per hour, it is the age of late 90s.

Another reason for me to miss the coming game console life instead of the policy is in late 1990s, when I went to college, I have my own PC(P I-133, technically Cyril cpu)and I tried to find the way to emulate FC or arcade game. And also, the Blizzard rised, starcraft made me think the game console system would die with the rapid development of PC industry.

I was kind of wrong about the game console industry, although the PC industry grew rapidly, the game console market just keep its way to live.

It is a coincident that I win a luck draw in the meeting of our company, it is a PSP2000 in the late 2000s, which reconnect me to the game console again.

After I am tired of the mobile game boosting since 2007, when iPhone was launched, I found the game console market is still there, and PS4 just released, so I bought one, even I do not have much time to play it. From time to time, when I heard some new game would laughed on PC or PS4, I would go to the PS4 store to check out, Double dragon 4 is the one, when in 2017, I saw it, it brought what I am writing about today.

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