DiDi ChuXing, just like Uber in US have changed our way to get around, travel even the whole public transportation industry, which also lead the transportation legislation changed during these years.

Background of DiDi ChuXing

DiDi is a mobile App working on iOS and Android, you can simply consider it as a Uber variant in China,like weibo(weibo.com) vs twitter, but actually I think DiDi got more ambition and potential than Uber, given the fact that DiDi is rising along with the economical boosting of China. The market is enormous, and DiDi had already expand its business beyond the Taxi.

DiDi Taxi is the leading product in the taxi market and beaten all the so called competitor(The Call Center for taxi dispatching owned by Taxi company ) in 2012 when DiDi launched their App at the first place. Back then, the user base is mostly the white-collar class, and more of a handy tool to call a cab.

But after DiDi got more strategic investment from industry giant, DiDi Taxi renamed their name to DiDi ChuXing in 2015, followed by aggressively expanding their business to DiDi express and DiDi premier, which offer either low cost vehicle calling service or the high end luxury sedan calling service, coupled with the bloody price war with competitor (Kuai Di, and Uber), DiDi stepped into the mass market, even the older people or someone who can not afford the Taxi cost. Sometimes, the DiDi express would be far more cheaper than the cost of Taxi, which in some way caused protest action against DiDi from Taxi driver, who implied DiDi abandon them when DiDi grow stronger in the market.

After several local regulation enacted to regulate the Taxi and DiDi’s business, DiDi sorted out their business to balance the benefit of different party, and at the same time, expanding their business to DiDi Hitch for carpooling , DiDi Designated Driving for drunk driver, DiDi Bus and miniBus for routine outing, DiDi Rental for competing with such as Hertz, and other services.

In the mean time, DiDi merged with his competitor Kuai Di and acquired Uber China, which made DiDi ChuXing already the giant in the outing market, no matter you like DiDi or not, if you live or visit China, DiDi is the must-installed App on your phone.

Also I got some tips for you when you are using DiDi

1. You can install this App safely in any of your favorite app market depending on the type of your phone, and registration process is pretty intuitive.
2. The English version of DiDi only offer Taxi, Express, and Premier service, no other service I mentioned above.

Figure: Chinese version got lots more option than English one, if you lived in China for long time, you should probably be familiar to the Chinese option, which would greatly help you for outing.
3. Premier is alway the first choice with best experience, which is averaged 1/3 expensive than Taxi. But the driver have no privilege to pick the job.
4. Express is illegal in some of the Chinese city, and the driver usually would be part time job, so you won’t expect the professional service, but still in general it is better than Taxi.
5. Taxi driver would pick the job you submitted, if you got a long journey such as more than 20 KM, then you got more change to be answered, for short distance journey, Premier would be easier.
6. The amount of the case base ratio between Premier and express is depending on the city you live, if you can not find enough premier to answer you, try switch to express, in some tie two city, express service would be more popular than the premier one.
7. You can pay the taxi either by cash or e-payment inside the DiDi App, Credit card is accepted.

Figure: International Credit card and Wechat pay or Alipay would be accepted
8. The pronunciation of DiDi is quite simple, just the [di,di], and the tone would more like the fist half pronunciation of ‘de’ from word ‘defect’.
9. Before you are about to start your journey with one of the method the App offer, there will be estimated cost for your reference.
10. For other transportation method, check out here.

At last the gossip time:
If a startup can grow rapidly in China with extremely short time, there must be some government background out there or in the shadow, I do think the lead come to the president Jean Liu.

The lady in the middle is the president of DiDi ChuXing, named Jean Liu(Liu Qing), Who is the daughter of the founder,GodFather of Lenovo. LiuChuanZhi
This is the Interview in the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia if you want to know more, check out this youtube video below,

DiDi to launch their service in Mexico, interesting for the choice of their first landing spot outside China

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