DeleteFacebook, If Facebook is in China

Don’t take it seriously, it is not gonna happen. Facebook fell into the swirling of user privacy leak and Mr. Zuckerberg even published the apology on several traditional newspapers. And still the media and users are angry at Facebook, the WhatsApp founder even deleted his Facebook App on his phone and tweet the screen grab on twitter for #DeleteFacebook 

I have to think, if Facebook is a company in China? how would it be?

First, most of Chinese people already be fully aware that all our privacy have been sold for profit at the moment you signup any of the online service, especially for the giant BAT. we don’t care being manipulated by behavior analysis as you can already see all kinds of commercial push in our phone notification center.

The giant company would be more complicated if some negative information is published such as user privacy leak, but they would first have their PR team being fully functional. Trying to keep the information in contained or in a small cycle, if the information is related the government or authority reputation, it is even much easier for media to keep silence.

For some outbreak of scandal or this kind of negative information because of the spreading by celebrity or hot clicking video, someone now should hold the sack to  be blamed for , check out the JD case(, and the management team is innocent, there would be user misunderstanding or individual employee misconducting.

If it is still not over, the company would pay for something, which is hiring thousands of internet mercenaries to turn around the public opinion on this matter, or make some chaos or debate on Internet. Then, the news would play in its own way and fade out after some times.

In the worst situation, the senior management team or the CEO then would response on the news, but still in a PR way, you won’t expect the apology or the sincere apology, rather than to move forward and we will serve you better in the future.

In general, you won’t get apology and as most of the industry giant is in the monopoly marketing position, user still have to use their service. Actually inside the company, all the talented and smartest management team or the head may already figure out what happened precisely, and make the relevant team or person hold accountable severely, but still they can’t make the public know it.

That’s the way we Chinese do, which is never admit your mistake, but always correct it.

I don’t know exactly why we can’t be honest in most case, if I have to guess, Chinese culture do not have the forgiveness and confession factor which may come from Christianity.

In the typical view of Chinese, Facebook just hold the sack for the Cambridge analytica who committed the crime, and the US Tech giant such as Facebook always did such a little evil than Baidu/Alipay/Tencent. Just few days ago, in a opening speech, the CEO of Baidu just said that publicly:

Chinese people would trade off their privacy a little to make their life more convenient in most case.

What a awful and shameless statement!  He is just looking at the result rather than the Right or Wrong.


After I finished my this essay, I also find a news in FT to talk about if Facebook is in China, which gave a legal perspective to analysis the same situation in China, you may also have a look at it.

Notes, The featured image is a screen grab from Vanityfair news.

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