Dairy Product

As you may know the notorious dairy industry scandal (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chinese_milk_scandal) outbreaking in 2008, all the confidence of the public has been complete destroyed until today, all the parent who can afford the imported formula milk would never have their children eat domestic producing milk again, especially for the parent in first tie city, such as in Beijing, ShangHai, which also boost the oversea milk purchase agent business dramatically , kind of leading the shortage of formula milk for local people, so as a consequence, legislation has been made to limit the procurement behavior by non – native one, such as in Hong Kong. Anyway, the business is still there till today.

After that scandal, although the proximate criminal got severe punished (death sentence), the whole industry is not fundamentally reformed, and the legislation is still behind the reality, the victim is still out there helplessly.

I am tenting to believe that the dairy industry is getting better, but still I don’t want to take any healthy risk for my children and also myself, what I have done during these years may be a reference for those who would consume the dairy product in China.

For formula milk, I don’t trust any of the local brand product, as well as the international joint investment brand, because they share the same raw material source from the farm in China, or, import raw material and assemble in China, the later is relatively better, but you have no idea of the quality control process for the assembling. So for the safety of my child, I just bought the formula from the supermarket or pharmacy in Holland and Australia via the agency, and ship by taobao.com, I did this since 5 years ago.

For adult dairy product, usually I think it is relatively safe for daily consumption, but I prefer some local brand instead of the famous domestic brand such as MengNiu or YiLi, and the imported dairy product is not an affordable one for daily. The reason for me to choose local brand is kind of based on some conspiracy theory which can not be proved, I always think, local brand in Beijing such as SanYuan have short supply chain, and limited farm management scale, they got natural advantage to keep the dairy product fresh, also, as an official assigned product for authority event, the SanYuan brand vendor must pay more attention to their reputation. So I got on the same boat with our top brass. Do you think this theory is ridiculous ? actually this is a common sense for all Chinese people in Chinese culture.

This is actually a sensitive topic which I can’t talk too much, just consider it as a safety tips for all visitor, especially for children, I would like to see this industry will be heavily regulated in the future, and the public would recovery the confidence for the local dairy industry.

PS. the featured image is a common SanYuan Dairy product, you can see the word in read above the logo,which means the Great Hall of the People, just like the congress hill in US, implying the top leader would take this.

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