‘Cute’ In Mandarin

This is a Quora Question Answer for Mandarin Chinese, which can be a reference to the beginner students.

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What is the Chinese word for cute?

Like any other languages in the world, more context will be helpful for both side to understand the specific wording or phrase meaning it conveys, as cute have a few different meaning, so here is some scenario samples I assumed, hope helpful to you.

1.If you are gonna use the word “cute” on a teen age girl for adorable, lovely or sweet, then you say:

“可爱” you can use this phrase in public as a compliment to a girl, but not a lady more than 30 usually. also “可爱” can be used on something, like a handicraft, or pets

2.if you want to imply a sexual attractive way of the women, then you say:

“漂亮” which literally means pretty, good looking , sometimes you can also use this for a little girl , but “可爱” is more common.

3.If you want to convey a cunning way, then you say

“耍(小)聪明”, this is a complicated way to use in Chinese, you can kind of consider it as a innuendo way of doing or say something to other people.

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