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Copyright actually is a more complicated problem than I thought when I was young, it’s basically a extension of a current law framework reflecting a certain culture, and also, copyright or patents is not a good thing in every aspect, as various free copyright movement was now also widely accepted by public, such as GPL, BSD etc under open source movement. All of them have their business model and have their own advocates

I am not here to talk about it in this obscure way, but some of my experience and awareness about the copyright.

Before China joined in World Intellectual Property Organization in 1990s, as a individual I don’t have any awareness of copyright. So does most of people in China. as I mentioned  here, when my family can afford a Nintendo game console( FC ) in the earlier 1990s, I am not sure for now if it is a authorised one, but it is quite a valuable toy for me at that time. And now, maybe I am skeptical that the games that cost more than 100RMB (1/10 of month salary)is not a counterfeit one. Anyway, all of those were perfect, I even keep the game I bought till know.

In late 1990s, I , by chance , can have access to a 80386 PC, which is more than 10000RMB (1/10 value of a house at that time!), then I started to by the OS software and game, even some movie, I can clearly remember the CD is 30RMB per one, no matter what is in it. And OS such as win95, IBM OS/2 is my most favourite one. At that time, I can have some awareness of that, which is a Pirated Edition, but everyone buy this, and no one sell a copyright one. I can remember when I first time found ,at a store,that the MS office suite would cost 5000RMB, I was even feeling luck that I can buy it with 30 RMB.

Then the reality became better when China joined WIPO and WTO, copyright infringement was highlighted by authority and the counterfeit industry then fade out, but with the Internet came to our daily life, we can get the software and movie on the internet, and also with the bandwidth of internet increased dramatically in the earlier 2000s and the copyright law is far behind with the reality, IP infringement is even more easy and severe.

Until 2003, when I was in IBM, then I found that all the software and os should have their licence, and most importantly, all people would follow the rule, It took me some time to get used to it, and finally when I switched to Linux os system or years later the Mac OS X, I basically became a advocate of Intellectual Property, I tried to make some amends by buying the software know I need.

For me, it took more than 30 years to know about it, so if you found an obvious IP infringement in China, don’t be surprised, we still have long way to go, the accusing by Trump of the loss of IP from US, maybe a good way to push China quickly changed the law to protect IP effectively.

In Chinese community, if someone would quote your article or speech, usually they won’t ask for your permission in advance, not to say the malicious people who just steal your article, the better one would just mark a notice with something like” If there are IP infringement , I will delete it”. See, even the better one would not ask for your permission.

So,as in this website, most of picture was shoot by myself, and others was the free use one from the , I will try to regulate myself to respect the IP in my website.

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