College Story

Why I choose this college? I don’t know exactly, what I can remember is that was a hot summer and my first pimple just came out from skin of my face, which bothering me more than which college I should go to, as I don’t have much confidence in my looking, this make it worse. Every time when I was looking into the mirror, actually I don’t even use mirror in my teen age, I know, the mirror can only make me look more ugly.

I can remember this is my first time to be in this strange city Beijing, after we get off the train, we found the reception of my college for the junior students in the square easily. ‘We’ means my mom and three of my relatives, I am 18 years old at that time, basically I am still a kids who’s mind is kind of in chaos. before I came to this new city, I have no any idea of what the college life means, even why I chose this college. I was just driven by the life.

It is a ordinary guy from the reception have my information registered, then after a short while, he lead us by walk to a shuttle bus, 10 mins walk long. When the bus is driving on the road, all I can feel about is there are so many butterfly bridge, after cross three bridge, I gave up remember the direction for way back to the railway station, so I just throw myself into a new life.

When I first step into the college, It doesn’t surprise me much, because all I thought is following the registration process properly, don’t make any mess. As I expected, I finished all the process quickly. Later on, I get the key of my dorm, fortunately, the dorm located in the new 10 floor building No.5. which look very outstanding than other old building. When I push open the door of my dorm in the 2nd floor, there are already a roommate there, after a greeting with each other, I picked a upper level of a bunk bed which is close the window. My first roommate is Mr. Gale. who pick anther upper level of the bunk bed. There are 4 buck bed in one dorm, meaning we still got 6 extra roommate coming later.

It is close to 4 PM, my family are supposed to go aways, coming back to the railway station, we don’t have a moved farewell, just take a picture and say goodbye, after I sit back on my bed, I can’t image this is the fist time I will live alone. For me, the feeling of scaring is more than the feeling of exciting for a young people out of control of family at this time.

The last roommate come to the dorm in late evening, who’s name is Mr. Bill, he obviously got the worst bunk bed position, but he is surely the best look guy among us, it’s kind of a fair world. After a while we know each other briefly, I kind of think my friend should be Mr.Gate, because he got the same pimple as me, even worse, to be frank, it is very upsetting if all other 7 roommates got a clean face.

All other guys are just as friendly as Mr. Gale. I try my best to remember their name, as I got a bad case of face blind and forgetting things, which bothering me a lot for years, and it take decades for me to live with it.

Mr. Mental is from western China, what I know about him is he is god damn too short.
Mr. Handsome is really a tall, handsome guy, but I think he is not as handsome as Mr. Bill.
Mr. Noon is, as I can figure at that time, he must come from an undeveloped suburb areas, and kind of not friendly.
Mr. Steel is a humble one, always smile when talking to others, and also talked much to others.
Mr. Lock is an obscure one, also talk not too much, and the most important, he smoke.

We are all tired after a busy registration day, just before we all go to bed, one who called himself the class leader inform us there will be a meeting for all new students tomorrow, and please be prepared and be there on time.

So my college life just begin.

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