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People have to admitted the most successful college education system today is in the US.  The first modern university in China is Imperial Tientsin University founded in 1895  as the part result of the westernization movement lead by the official of Qing Dynasty. And during more than 100 years of development, especially the movement of college enrollment expansion in 1990s, Chinese people have achieved a tremendous college education ratio among population.

Last time, I talked about some overall aspect of preliminary and high school education( in Beijing,  as you have known the student is almost impossible to leave one’s school district, but when he apply the college, he can choose the college across the whole nation, yet, obviously, it depends your score of examination.

There are some interesting different fact of college education  between in China and in US,  I would give you some basic idea.

In general, all the prospective student candidates for college have a better mathematical skill than the students in US at the same age level. But there are gaps in writing and communication skill. Not to say the English skill for writing and communication,  the same thing goes to Chinese writing and communication skill as well.

College life (most ) in China is just an extension of high school life but with much relax time, because no one would push you to study anymore except by yourself. Most Chinese student’s early life is a regulated and confined routine by their parents, they don’t have to think about the future but to get themselves into the college.

For those top students in top college, they will be living a hectic life instead. Usually these students would apply the university in US for their further educational life, so they would spend much time on English learning and their major to get a high score. They are the busiest students in college all the time.

The curriculum in college is not as much as closed to the current reality or technology, and most of the lecturer is the junior one or the senior professor who never pay much more attention to the education for the junior students. They have to make money to afford their life. Educating student  simply can not make him live a decent life in most cases.

Graduate education is far more behind compared with in US, the graduate student is simply the free labor of the professor who basically is a businessman, even worse, some of the female students would get severe sex harassment by their professor and this news  , another source  news is just the tip of an iceberg.

If I would say something in short, free mindset or being capable for innovation is what gaps of our college education lie in, most of Chinese college is kind of government administration’s branch, as the academic environment is against this kind of administration by natural, it is still a long way to go for the reform in the educational system as far as I can see.

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