Chinese Dish

The featured image is an usual family lunch dish for me, it is very simple, but full of story behind it.

First, this is full of vegetable, and my family is the one who prefer the vegetable dinner than the meal one, but we are not vegetarian, just because our stomach can not afford too much meal to digest. Some family would have much more meal, but in general, Asian people or Chinese people have less meal ratio food than the western people, we got physique difference. just like the people of Africa would run faster than any other ethnic.

Here is some detail introduction of the dishes, they are simple but delicate.

You can probably find this dish on the steaming counter of buffet in a usual upscale hotel, the corn is full of nutrition and different kinds of corn can be different taste, from soft to crisp, sweet flavored or neutral flavored. I can take corn as a kind of rice or steam bun.

Steam bun:
This is a variety of typical steam bun which is dome like, this one got some curve when was made, and also can be added some extra ornament food such as jujube,tahini to make it more delicious.

Assorted Nuts mixture:
This dish contains celery, walnuts, cashew nuts, almond, hazelnuts and water chestnut, which is full of energy and nutrition, and also this is my most favorite dish.

Cucumber slice:
Usually the cucumber slice would be part of a salad mixture,but we treat it as a small dish, with some salt and oil (sometimes no oil), it can be a tasty dish to relax your stomach.

This is obvious a fruit offer for our lunch, sometimes we use apple slice instead, but indeed we need one.

All the dishes are very healthy and we are not a big fun of restaurants, so we like to have lunch or dinner at home

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