Chinese Culture Custom I

It is approaching Chinese lunar festival, I, as usual, have my hair cut in my favorite barbershop, meanwhile, I remembered a interesting Chinese custom about hair cut, which bothering me a lot in my teen age.

It’s a simple rule custom, which is you can not have your hair cut in the first lunar month, otherwise your uncle are gonna die, obviously it seems way too superstitious, but it rule lots of Chinese people including me for many years.

For me, I have kind of broken the rule by cutting my hair in the first lunar month when once time I forgot the exact date, well, it turned out my uncle is fine for years, but deep inside me, I still have a little concern about it, because this custom do not specify the detail of the demise, such as the date or how long, in theory, every one is going to die eventually, so no one know if my hair cutting have any kind of influence on the future.

Now, I am getting relieved on the matter, I think we all got our time, if God kind of arrange something for that, so be it, there are always something beyond my perception.

Philosopher, Immanuel Kant(, developed the conception of Antinomy ( , what I can get from it is the conclusion of the thought of human have the definite boundary and limitation, and after I read some popular book about quantum mechanics ten years ago (, I got to say, I still don’t know what it is, but I began to believe something which beyond my imagination.

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