Chief Mate Came to Beijing in 1999

This is a good starting point for Starbuck

When I am waiting for my Coffee of The Day in Starbucks, I walked around this largest (probably) Starbucks, and happened to find this is the 1st Starbucks in Beijing (China), you can check it out at this corner , where lies a board on which wrote the story happened in 1999, as well as the memorial Espresso machine at that time.

If you’ve read my article about MacDonald, you may know I am not a big fan of the Starbucks, I’d rather take the filter coffee in MacDonald, which is tasty for myself. So when I am in Starbucks, I would like to have the filtered Coffee of the day or the American.

This Starbucks is kind of maintained the quality level of their coffee especially for their service as a flagship store than dozens of  others in Beijing (I have been in lots of it), the reason I love this store is most of the baristas in this store is Coffee Master who wear the black apron, and the baristas is usually nice and professional here, and I don’t see much pyramid scheme fraud cheater pokin’ around here. Most of Starbucks outside 5th ring express way I have been to is small and crowded, you can’t feel any serenity there, not to say the separated counter for manual way to brew .

Figure:On the shelf behind the table, there are instance coffee out there, sometimes, I will take one for traveling, where it’s hard to find Starbucks, it is not so bad as I thought, because the Nescafe brought to me the bad experience in my earlier age.

Another culture in all Starbucks which I love mostly is the graffiti on some wall, some is just the artistic painting (black/white), some is the knowledge for coffee or the history. I always want to know who did this, if there would be the standard guideline for all the store or up to the specific store.

There are different type of cakes in different city in China, although most of them are the same, but there is some special cake based on the region, sometimes, I think Starbucks in Shanghai would change the type of cake more often than Beijing, as well as some chocolate sugar.

Lots of the bottle in Starbucks is OEM from Thermos, and also the design is excellent as I can figure. For sure, the price is also ‘amazing’, average 400RMB($60) per one which is definitely made in China.

At last, lots of Chinese people criticize the name of the different cup type(Tall Grante Venti) which is from Italian, check out this famous footage from this guy(He is a famous, funny, weird comedian and entrepreneur , I will talk about him in the future. LuoYongHao) , but in this case, I am on the back of Starbucks, one should stick to what one believe in all the time.
Don’t worry about the language, there is English subtitle for you.

PS, I feel sorry that the Starbucks in Forbidden City was forcing to closed by the political reason and the now, the man who brought all this up has became a jailbird in somewhere which I don’t know if he is alive or died…. actually No one knows.

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