Chess help me spent a lot of boring time in my childhood, at that time, we didn’t have that much way of entertainment like Children today to go skate, either to go out for killing(insects) or to play boardgames, basically the only boardgames which can be afforded for most children at that time is poker and chess, obviously the Chinese chess, not the usual one in the global, which we call it international chess.

I can’t remember when I got my first chess board, what I can remember is it is a two side chess, like a coin with two side face, one side is marked with International chess such as pawn, bishop, queen, another side is the Chinese chess, I am not sure if both board games have any connection from the beginning, but they got the same 16 pieces. So if we are boring about the Chinese one, just flip it over, change a board, it became another game.

It is very intriguing to observe the difference of the two games, which kind of reflect the culture difference between western world and eastern world:

  • Just like the emperor in ancient time, Chinese emperor basically never go outside the palace, if you know the forbidden city in Beijing, you can consider the emperor don’t go out the forbidden city in most case. So, the Chinese chess also got a city border kind of thing. The rule keep the king(General) from going out. And two advisor for just protecting the king. also you can think the advisor as the eunuch who also can not go outside the city.
  • But in international chess, the king and queen is the most powerful pieces, who would be the the first line of a battle. This is just the same as I figure in the real western world especially the movies about he middle age. King is one the the powerful solder.
  • There is another significant difference on philosophy (my own point of view), the designing philosophy for International chess is Attack, while the Chinese chess is Defense. For Chinese chess, there are 5 pieces out of 16 can not cross over the middle of the board, which means they can only be used for defense. while in International chess, all the pieces can be used for battle to the end. The 5 pieces in Chinese chess changed to the pawn piece in the international chess.

When I grow up, I finally realized that I am not good at the chess game, Go as well, but I am still a fun of the chess even though I seldom play with chess, in 1997 when the Deepblue from IBM beaten the Kasparov, I was shocked by the AI, but from the point view of today, Deepblue is kind of clumsy compared with the AlphaGo, Surely, at that time, exhausting all the possibility of movement is possible in chess given the IBM RS6000 cluster have a powerful paralleled computing system design, but after match, Kasparov accused IBM of cheating to intervene the Deepblue, I think it is possible(to my guess), because IBM can do that within the framework of match rule which is IBM can upgrade the program of Deepblue between matches. IBM must have done some Kasparov specific modification in the later match. But all this is the guess and can not be proved as IBM dismantled the cluster after the match.

Alpha Go, on the contrary is more rousted and advanced by self learning, it is fundamentally different with Deepblue which is the direct algorithms design for the chess, basically means Deepblue can not learn, rather than do what has been told by the developer via algorithms.

Today, we can almost say the AI have successfully beaten human on the boardgames after they ruled the Go game, because no boardgames is complicated than Go, Sometimes, I have to think, is the creative or the innovation is also kind of algorithms, which can finally be achieved by AI. Even the definition of AI(Artificial Intelligence) would be some day changed or blurred as the gene technology dash forward.

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