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Every one loves cake

If you are a big fan of cake, DaoXiangCUn in Beijing would be the most popular one for you to go, founded in Qing Dynasty, reborn in 1980s, following the Chinese Economic Reform age leaded by top leader Deng. DaoXiangCun has became a typical traditional Chinese food in every family, at least in Beijing. Just like bakery and bread in western world, the pastry, Chinese cake in DaoXiangCun would be the most common breakfast in our life, when spring or middle festival approaching, the cake in gift box would be a perfect present for older people.

I personally don’t buy in the luxury gift box(actually it is pretty good with all kinds of cade packed in), but some classic cake such as honey cake, yellow cake would always be my favorite when I am sick of breakfast in KFC or MacDonald sometimes, also the traditional cake could be carried easily for traveling and preserved for days without problem.

Also DaoXiangCun offer some grocery, you can consider it a 7-11 similar traditional convenient store with only food( also salted vegetable and candy), most local people love this kind of shop, another interesting point is most of the employee in the shop is older people, at least 30 I figure, and they really don’t look very ‘modern’ compared with modern fast food, restaurant chain store. But I think that is the very reason lots of local people like.

Some tips

  • As DaoXiangCun is kind of state own shop, you would basically consider it is a safe and healthy food producer, especially for their common food – cake.
  • New competitor emerge during these years, such Master Bao, basically they compete in the same market segment,.
  • There are counterfeit DaoXiangCun indeed, I don’t know the exact argument for the brand in this case, but you can differ them from the logo.
  • DaoXiangCun is based in Beijing mostly, there would be other traditional cake brand in nearby city, such as GuiShunZhai in Tianjin, but you can get all their offer online (
  • There are lots of DaoXiangCun chain store in Beijing, just check the map to find it near you.
  • Traditional Chinese cake would mostly be tending sweet flavor, if you can not tolerate sugar, just don’t try too much.
  • The process to product traditional Chinese cake is complicated, usually they don’t clearly mark all the ingredient, so if you have something allergic, just be careful.
  • DaoXiangCun have their official site, check it out  (the featured image is from an untouched screen grab to their official site)


Figure: My favorite Yellow cake(sweet) and haw cake(sour)

PS. In mandarin, the pronunciation of this cake shop is DàoXīangCūn , which may be helpful for visitors.


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