Buckle Your Seatbelt

An accident reminder me of this, days ago, two dragon boat were sunk, killing 17 people, almost 30 passengers per boat to play a traditional contest game to celebrate the coming the Dragon Boat Festival.

Actually, it should not have been such a severe accident, at least all people should survive from this usual accident, because this is just a small boat, but here is the thing, no one on the boat was wearing the life vest, which is obviously against the secure protocol, so the tragedy happened.

This reflect the ubiquitous reality of neglecting the risk from our daily life. People always think they are the luck one who never meet such a thing, but if you pay more attention to the news, you would find there are lots of accident which is not supposed to happened. For example, months ago, a pedestrian was hit by a falling bill boat and died days later. You know, after that, most bill board owner did not make an effort to check the bill board, instead, they just put a notice on the bill board or the gate to talk about “Be careful of the falling parts when wind is coming ”. That’s it.

So if you live or travel in China, when you are feeling something wrong, just follow your instinct, all people would tell you in the same way which is, “it never goes wrong , so it will not goes wrong”. well, if you don’t want be the first pioneer victim, sticking to your common sense is important.

Here is some examples for reference

when you take taxi, try to find a good one, and buckle your seatbelt, basically you can find one one on a taxi would buckle one’s seatbelt, especially for the passenger in the back seat. Sometimes, the seatbelt is very dirty in some old taxi and obviously out of maintaining.

In some landmark areas, don’t take the boat without life vest equipped. Just don’t take extreme sport such as bungee jumping if you are not a profession, basically all of this are not following the security protocol in some way, so it’s very risky.

In amusement part, when you are in some facilities, make sure to buckle your seatbelt even you see some people would not do so.

In cinema or KTV kind of club, before you sit there, just walk around to check if the emergency exit is a real one or unlocked one, and make sure if something happened (Fire) you know where to go. You won’t expect some staffer members would help or guide you, because they don’t know exactly as well in case of emergency. You should count on yourself more rather than the ‘profession’

At last I have to say, the situation is getting better in these years especially in 1st ties cities, but in most other areas of China, we are still on the way to make it better.

Ps. I am also the loser who can not persuade all my family to buckle seatbelt on the car.  it sucks.


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