Big Breakfast

I always try my best to keep this product – big breakfast, from off the market by ordering it every morning on the self service kiosk, I am not kidding, even I don’t have the statistic data for this, I think it must be on the top list of slack product as I barely saw people order it.

Most people still got bothering for this product, why MacDonald offer this wired combo with 2 times price higher compared to the almost-same burger product in breakfast time. An usual combo for Egg McMuffin and coffee will cost only 15RMB while the Big Breakfast cost 25RMB with an extra hash browns, not to say the even cheaper one Ham Sausage McMuffin with coffee , 12RMB only. (I didn’t find the comparable English name for this product, so I added ‘ham’ in the beginning), Oops, I almost forgot someone even criticize the Big Breakfast is one cheese shy than the usual burger.

The reason why I dig into the information above is simple, just to check how to eat the strawberry jam in the Big Breakfast. Usually I just throw it directly into my mouth with nothing, and then stack all the scrambled egg, ham slice, and hash browns between the english muffin , looks like it is more of a sandwich. At last, drink or take the coffee away. After some studying on internet, I got to know, the muffin are supposed to be smeared with that jam, but still, I do it my way.

I think all this is great, but I don’t see other people would see it the way I do, it is more of a tradition custom for Chinese people, but hopefully MacDonald would keep that way all the time.

You guys may noticed that I don’t talk much about KFC, yes, I didn’t, there is also a KFC near my apartment, but I barely go there, some reason behind is:

  • Localization for KFC is far more deeper than MacDonald with 4 -5 tie city expansion ratio and food recipe, so KFC food menu is more complicated for me.
  • Ordering speed for KFC is still far more slow than MacDonald, even after KFC made some improvement for their ordering process, I am definite the fan for the self service kiosk in MacDonald.
  • KFC is more like a Chinese restaurant to offer western food, but if I want a Chinese style breakfast, I’d rather go JīnDǐngXuān or Meizhou than KFC, but If I want coffee or typical western food, MacDonald is the way to go.
  • The Drip filter coffee in MacDonald is more authentic than KFC’s, even better than their own Mac Cafe America (This is a personal subjective feeling at all), and most importantly, almost free.

At last, I got to say, KFC is still good and successful in China, especial for the formal meal, which offer wide variety of food than MacDonald, and the original recipe fried chicken is the unique and hit product for their own, which I would miss if I can’t get it for long time.

PS. There are three type Big Breakfast combo, which is ham slice, sausage, and chicken.

Figure: This combo is my favorite

Update 18/12/12: today they forgot to give me the pepper, as there should be pepper/salt/jam/milk/sugar/stirring stick/fork/spoon in this combo, lots of CRRW(employee) would make mistake by chance, you should check the combo if you take them away.

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