Barbershop actually also bothering me as a native people, for years I can’t even find a convenient, long-running barbershop for myself, If I think a barber is good for me, I have to follow him to move around from one place to another. I have followed my last barber guy in the past two years, and changed three locations. That’s the way this industry works.

Most moderated barbershop in Beijing is local brand chain store, direct or franchise, and indeed Beijing also have the luxury brand such DongTian( which serves mostly celebrities.

Like most business in China, the business model is kind of against your intuition, which is a good barber can not make money by their skill and artistry, but by the selling of the product in the barbershop,Thinking about the doctor in hospital, they are kind of going the same way. Actually, Given the operating cost and renting fee level, I don’t think most of the barber shop in Beijing is much profitable, although ,as a client, I think they are overrated their service price.

A example here, my barber , yes, that’s the one I followed him in the past years, is the chief barber, as well as the partner or kind of owner of the barber shop, I paid him about $20 for once hair cut every month. I am fine with that, but actually he should earn more for his skill, but the competition is  way too steep,  if you raise the price level, you would probably loss some clients. So, all the barbers and assistant would upsell their product for perm and hair care service, which I think I would rather pay more for the hair cut than the bunch of chemical stuff I have no idea of.

As my barber is the partner of the shop, he can’t quit anytime, but for the other barbers, especially for assistant, every time I went there, I can figure out some changes, I’ve been talked about this with my barber,  the answer is he can do nothing of this, the industry can not afford growing up for the young people, you have to find you own groove to survive, just like him, he used to worked in a barber shop, then fly sole, opened two barbershop, but one of them is out of business for different reasons, so for now he have the only shop as a partner, actually that’s good for him, some kind of success for his career.

By the way, I almost forgot, it’s funny that he is also doing a part time job for private travel agent, I don’t know the exact business he worked, but sometimes I saw some travel client waiting him there to be driven to the airport. Maybe this is another way for him to promote his barber shop business, because for a time, I found a Japanese client waiting for him to have hair cut.

In general, a good barber should be a nice or good person, have a good sense of what is supposed to say and what is not support to say to your client,  do not upsell too much, maintaining a good relationship with your client, and most important, stick to the identity and take perseverance,

As alway, here is some tips for visitor

  1. In general, Korea and Taiwan owned barber shop is good, but I mean the real one, not a fake one, don’t be fool by the storefront, search the name on the google or for sure.
  2. Recommendation by your friend or local friend is always a best practice.
  3. Membership card is not always good, be careful, also risking of suddenly shutting down and disappear.( Definitely do not buy deposit card more than 2000 RMB)
  4. If you can afford the price, just try to find the chief barber in one shop, I think it would cost you $70-80.
  5. Try to find a shop within 4th ring express way, even 3rd ring, where steep competition bring benefit to client. From my experience, the general pricing within 4th ring is cheaper than it outside 5th ring.
  6. At last if you are interested in my barber, let me know, I will send you the location, and full disclose: I am just a ordinary client for him. no extra benefit for me.

This is a usual cost for your hair cutting, but could you notice the board below which means recruiting reception and assistant. As I mentioned above, the industry is hard for both employers and employees.

Update for some picture from my barbershop

Figure:This barbershop brand is a franchise chain store.


The photos on the wall is my barber, he is a nice, diligent and skilled guy who try promote himself in every occasion or event he joined, actually I don’t think he is the friends of the celebrity on the picture, rather than some normal social etiquette photo. Anyway, he is good.
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