Ban On ZTE for Lying

Here is the news from Reuter, it’s pretty simple, ZTE broke the US law and will get the punishment.

You can consider it as a move by Trump for the Trade war, or political conspiracy such as a military background of ZTE, etc. like many domestic newspaper did. I won’t talk it in such a way , rather some my own simple story and observation.

I don’t like telling a lie in any way, even it is considered as a good one, because even after decades years, I can still remember the hurting feeling when my parent cheat me on something, I can see , for now, they were just want calm me down with good intention. I can understand it, but they are never aware that telling a lie to children is also a wrong way regarding of the education.

Even today, most people around me don’t take serious for what they talked about or what commitment they have made, there are always so called objective reasons for them to explain themselves. If you kept your promise all the time, sometimes you may looked wired among peoples.

Fulfilling contract is the cornerstone of the modern business, but in the eye of Chinese people, it’s just a piece of paper. Indeed, broking the contract is usual in China without much consequence under current law framework. I don’t know when we lost the credibility of trustiness, I know in ancient China, even one’s wording can have the credibility of fulfilling.

As far as I can see, ZTE would never think they did something wrong, rather than a failure of circumventing the US regulation.

Integrity can only be achieved in a company under a good judicial environment, otherwise it is just a wide jungle.

Here, I found It’s hard for me to talk more, because it must lead to some deeper social and political reasons on this matter, which is controversial and dangerous.

Let me finish it with another small story

It is a real story, as you may know, the real estate market is kind of going downhill during these two years, in some areas of China, when the price went down, the former buyer with higher price would go to the selling office for compensation or refund even they had signed the contract, sometimes, they even get into physical, is it ridiculous? no, the most ridiculous thing is the following story, which is, then, the government would fine the real estate seller for lowing their price under the name of disrupting the market, which caused unhappiness of the former buyer.

Well, contract is just paper if the law is just a paper.

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