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Except the badminton club in Beijing, few people would know, as a matter of fact, stadium in university is usually opened to the public, if you are a huge fan of badminton and looking for a cost saving venue compared with private clue, stadium in university is pretty good, but not all the facility in university is always opened to the public(profit sometimes is not the priority in university), so I just show you a example where my friends and I usually go to for more than 3 years. Actually I am curious that why not they run a commercial to promote the badminton service, I can’t even search any service information from internet.

Beijing University Of Technology is comprehensive university founded in 1960, you can check out the map.
Baidu (In case you got problem to retrieve google service)

The facility is pretty good, and if the student do not have lesson there, it will be opened at 11AM, you can make a reservation by calling the reception, the cost per hour is less than 100RMB, and college student got even a lower discount, and you have to take your own sports suit and badminton racquet, obviously your counterpart, you can’t find your temporary partner there.

To get there, the easiest way is taking a subway, there is a very station in the university , Line 14, West Gate of Beijing University Of Technology.

Figure: Subway Staton : ‘北工大西门站’ (Běi Gōng Dà Xī Mén Zhàn)

Figure: West Gate of University

Figure: Wandering around in university always feels good

Figure: Gate of stadium, Logo of 2008 Beijing Olympic games remains

Figure: Reception

Figure: Inside the stadium

Figure: Inside the stadium

Have Fun!

PS. I can’t find a coach for public here, so if you need one, you have to check out the private club probably.

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