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A nice, but cold day, I went to BāDáLǐng outlet for shopping which I mentioned in previous article,technically I am the driver who take my wife there. So I got some free time to kill, drink some coffee, take some picture. Although I am not a huge fan for shopping, among all outlet in Beijing, this is my favorite one, because the good shopping environment and discount for top brands, actually the latter is out of my concerns. If there would be something not perfect, it should be the traffic along the way, the outlet share the same express way to the Great Wall, which, yes, US president Trump just been to with leader of China. So it took me almost 1 hour to get there from 4th north ring express way. If no traffic jam, 30 minutes the most.

Check out photos taken there.

Traffic jam is usual, Actually today is not so bad.

Finally, get there.

Most people choose driving to be there, although there is shuttle bus.

If you arrived there afternoon, you have to spend some time to find a parking slot, not very hard, as this is a large area.

The A Gate

For visitor, you got duty free here

The central square

The only shopping mall in US I have been to is the Southpoint in Durham, I think they are pretty alike, but here got more luxury brands.

The amazing discount board for ARMANI (30%-70% discount)

Lovely board…


60% discount

You can smoke here

There is no discount board in the shadow of the lady, but when it did, you can buy something here, and sell it on TaoBao(Thinking of eBay in US) with higher price even. So I love this two buddy.

I never saw someone playing here….

Why people line up here for more than 15 minutes to get in Burberry….


No Starbuck here, Only Costa

Check out the price.

I always like vegetable and tuna.


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