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Winter is coming,  air filter is working

Air filter selling is boosting over years with the air pollution in Beijing getting worse. I have talked about this here( some times ago, and this time, I just want to talk about my own feeling of  all my air filter appliances, this is not a commercial rather than a personal evaluation.

Actually, authority did something to better the air quality in Beijing, especially in winter, and even in some extreme way to cut off the coal burning heating around Beijing which is very disturbing for the ordinary people’s life, the reason behind this is the rush pushing for gas burning transformation, but as the infrastructure for gas pipe is far behind the schedule, it turns out a nightmare for those who do not have heating way to keep warm in winter of northern China. Finally , the authority realized the problem, and make some remedial measurement.

Honestly, air pollution in this winter is beyond my expectation so far, but in some days, I can still smell the smog clearly , so since last month, I turned on my air filter and keep it running for 7×24.  I used a lot of air filter, such as Blue air from Sweden in my working place, Westinghouse from US, Panasonic from Japan, and the local giant  XiaoMi ( , after more than 3 years observation, I think no any air filter for home can fundamentally keep you from the toxic air, unless you revamp your apartment or house with fresh air infrastructure, which is almost impossible for ordinary people to make it happen in a right way.

As a matter of fact, when the air quality is getting worse, to say PM2.5 >100, which is the common case recently, even I keep the appliances running all the time, the best result would be 20-35 PM2.5 at the lowest level, given we still have to exchange fresh air from outside via windows, and no appliances can instantly clean the fresh air to a better quality, rather than keep it at a low level balance, in fact, 20-35PM2.5 is a compromising result which is still not good for health.

All individual appliances can not change this situation fundamentally, even you got one more than 10000 RMB ($1,500),  so in conclusion, you indeed need one for you room, but don’t expect a perfect one.

Some tips

  • There is no clearly technical difference between brands, just choose one you can afford and keep maintaining the filter cartridge,  btw, I never used Dyson filter, which seems fancy and great, and it don’t know if it is worthy for the price.
  • For any international brand,  a good looking, upscale one should be 3000-8000 RMB for home use, that’s no much difference for the core technology, and don’t try to buy one less than 1500, there must be some trick out there,
  • Combination with humidifier is hard to maintain unless the high end products, mold problem is the risk, separate them would be a good idea.
  • Chinese local brand XiaoMi did a good job in the market segment, they offer some cheaper but quality lever product which make air filter appliances fall into 2000RMB below category,  International brand can not compete with xiaomi in this segment .
  • Before you buy any of that, just go online check the filter cartridge cost, usually 300RMB average, this is a long term cost you should know in advance.
  • Apartment revamping is a rapid growing market in China,  some can just make modification for your windows to keep fresh air quality, but I think the mature technology would be coming or evolved at least years later

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