Recently I noticed some World AIDS Day news pop up on the social media, actually I am not very familiar with this field, but I always keep eyes on this kind of news, because I think the threatening of HIV is not far from us, someone around you could be HIV positive, while you just simply don’t know it.

According to the research of the National Health and Family Planning Commission in 2015, in general, National prevalence remains low compared to the rest of the world, but number of AIDS patients rise dramatically in some areas in China, and the sexual transmission is the primary mode of transmission.

Basically I trust the this search especially for the trends, but I think the detail number of AIDS patients would be much more, given the fact many patients would not report themselves to official considering the discrimination problem.

If you are a visitor to China, I think there are something you should take into consideration regarding of the HIV problem.

  • The population with history of drug abuse usually related to the high risk of HIV positive, and in the first tie city, especially in southern-west China and south China.(Yunnan Province, Guangdong Province and Beijing, etc. ), as any kind of drug abuse is considered a criminal activity, you should stay away from them which would probably get you into trouble.
  • Homosexual community is obscure in China, they can not speak up in the main stream media, and according to the report, the ratio of HIV positive in this population is rising.
  • Prostitution is a prosper industry in the grey area of the law, I don’t think it is a good idea to hook up just in the bar, because you have no idea of who she/he is. Even the condom is used, it is still risky. For those who have to do this, just find someone you trust or familiar with, also, you should be prepared being caught by the cops sometimes in some rare cases.
  • If you have blood transfusion requirement, go to the formal hospital which have more regulation to control the source of the plasma.
  • There is no legislation in China for the deliberately hiding the HIV information when have sex to others or intimate contact. I saw some terrible samples in Chinese social community, so be responsible for your own health.

Discrimination is practically severe to the HIV patient in China, we got not enough public information for the knowledge of HIV, so people would be frightened when they heard any people is HIV positive around them. Basically they do not know how to handle it except for avoiding them.

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